11 Tips For The Perfect Selfie

SelfiePicture the scene – you’ve just got up, it’s 7.00am on a Friday and you’ve got a special birthday after work with the girls. With limited time available to get photo-ready for the evening, what can you do to make sure your make-up is ready for the camera? Professional make-up artist, Sarah Jagger, reveals her top tips and make-up essentials so you can capture a flawless look whatever the occasion.

1. Avoid heavy textured SPF creams beneath your makeup as they can create a ‘flashback’, making you look washed out.

2. Using a mattifying makeup primer on the T-zone will eliminate sweaty looking shine in photos and keep your makeup on all day and night.

3. Black mascara is more eye brightening than brown or coloured because it creates a contrast with the whites of your eyes.

4. Keep eyebrows full – thin brows can age your look and appear too harsh in photos. A full brow will actually look a little thinner in your pic!

Sarah Jagger5. Use a liquid illuminator in strategic places – a little on the cheekbones and down the centre of the nose makes skin look younger, cheekbones higher and nose straighter in photos.

6. We all know how important good lighting is – it can make or break your look. If you’re in lowlight – like at a bar, club or restaurant – you’ll get a much more flattering and flawless picture with a proper camera like the Canon EOS 1200D

7. Lashes disappear in photos! Make them look longer with ‘tight liner’- liquid liner applied under the upper lashline.

8. Use shimmer to draw attention to the eyes: a little on the inner corner of the eye and a touch on the middle of the eyelid. You can change the brightness settings on your EOS 1200D to bring out the eyes really simply – to dramatic effect.

9. Make lips look fuller by using a highlighter on the cupids bow and lipstick a shade paler than your lips.

10. Shimmery bronzers can appear ‘sweaty’ in photos. Matt bronzers work better.

11. Lastly, the four steps, cheeks slim the face and lift cheekbones in pictures, so highlight, blush, contour and blend! Now you are well on your way to capturing that perfect selfie!

[picture credit: Erika Thorpe]
Miss B

Miss B

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