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  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show tours the UK this spring London is a city rich in culture, and our theatreland boasts such a range of shows there’s something to please everyone, even the youngest members of the family. Belle About Town rounds up the must see kids shows on a stage near you [read more]
  • If you’re still struggling to snatch back that hour of sleep stolen from us on Saturday night, here’s an even more depressing piece of news for  you: Despite heralding the start of the summer, springing the clocks forward also leads to us Londoners working longer hours. While we may [read more]
  • There was something very magnetic about Princess Diana, something that still pulls in huge crowds almost 20 years after her death. Perhaps it was her beauty, style or personal touch? Whatever the reason, people’s adoration of the ‘queen of hearts’ is causing very long queues at [read more]
  • It’s 9 o’clock at night, you’re sipping a melt-in-the-mouth malbec and snuggling into the arm of your date, when suddenly you jump five foot in the air as a shriek loud enough to break the sound barrier rings through your ears. The people on the table next to you have got a [read more]
  • Ah, the Mum. A frequently seen, but rarely appreciated, creature. One that spends its time caring for others much more than it should, and for itself too little. One that could do with a bit of a treat, a bit of a pick-me-up, or at least just a few hours to sit down and relax. And that’s [read more]
  • Gardener Hollie Newton started growing veg, flowers and herbs from the pint-sized garden of her rented London flat. Realising that there wasn’t much advice on the market for the aspiring urban gardener, she decided to write her own book – How to Grow – full of practical advice as [read more]
  •   Say the words labour and birth to most women and they will conjure up images of pain, stirrups, hospital wards and doctors. But it doesn’t always have to be this way. For those not familiar with it, Hypnobirthing is a modern approach to birthing, allowing expectant mothers to use a [read more]
  • Have your eyes been itching these past few days? Feel a sneeze coming on but not sure why? Well is seems the onset of hayfever may occur much earlier than we all think. We all think of grass and flowers as setting off our hay fever in the summer, but surprisingly 1 in 4 of sufferers are triggered [read more]
  • Time was that the mere mention of the word hostel left you feeling itchy and unclean, with visions of bunk-bedded dorms full of creepy crawlies and drunken travellers. The image of a hostel was not a pleasant one, and the idea of staying in a hostel was certainly not a tempting one unless you had a [read more]
  • If your idea of a relaxing Sunday is to have your nose stuck in a book, or indulge in a delicious brunch, then, be sure to check out Lowndes Bar & Kitchen in Belgravia. The restaurant is based inside the very swish Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel and has launched its new Book and Brunch [read more]


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