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  • There’s something about going through a difficult patch. When your sense of self – who you are and what you’re doing with your life – is shaken. Something that helps bring things into focus and align your best intentions for yourself. In the way that you really notice true, deep [read more]
  • Joking aside, Brits have a better sense of humour than our international counterparts. Well, according to us, anyway. As a nation famed for its collective stiff upper lip, it takes a lot to get us down, so it should come as little surprise that our sense of humour is prevailing even in downbeat [read more]
  • Having spent the majority of my uni years watching reruns of The Good Life on BBC1 I’m no stranger to the benefits of growing your own, and avoiding the pesticides and additives that come as standard in most supermarket produce. Organic food avoids all the nasty stuff, and since having kids [read more]
  • Britain is jam packed with beautiful cities, but few compare to glory of Bath. It is home to some of the nation’s grandest Georgian architecture – not to mention one of the world’s best-preserved Roman bathhouses. This sophisticated city, which was founded on top of natural hot [read more]
  • With 165 million cups a day drunk in Britain, it’s little wonder that tea remains the staple drink in British life. With a renewed demand for artisan and niche teas from younger consumers driving the emergence of alternative providers, as well as a return to cool for afternoon tea, Britain [read more]
  • Most of us would never wish to be anywhere else, but sometimes our beloved London can feel a little relentless. With the constant hustle and bustle on the streets, every now and again we need a little taste of escapism. Thankfully, anybody in search of such a departure from their daily routine can [read more]
  • As the sun starts to show more of itself, so do our feet. Having been hidden all winter beneath fluffy socks and inside sweaty boots, those most awkward to address of body parts can look decidedly neglected when summer sandal season (finally) arrives. With English weather, we normally put [read more]
  • Organic healthy snack nom was founded by -year-old Steph Croft-Simon after she developed severe food allergies in her late teens. Four years on, the organic food brand continues to go from strength to strength, and Steph is on a one-woman ethical mission to change the nation’s snacking [read more]
  • Malbec originated and was for a long time cultivated in the southwest of France, but it has since become the most recognisable wine emerging from the South American country of Argentina. Other varieties, from South Africa and Chile amongst others, have proved to hold their own in recent years and [read more]
  • Easter is the perfect time to get crafty with your little ones. Not only will it keep them entertained and away from all the chocolate (and the inevitable sugar high!), but it will also bring out their creative side. Belle About Town asked Tanja Soeter, Creative Director at HEMA, for her top Easter [read more]


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