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  • couple shopping together
    Picture the scene: it’s Saturday afternoon and you’ve hit the local high street with your boyfriend in search of some new clothes. As you gaze at the shoes, scarves and other paraphernalia you notice a man walking past in a football shirt and instinctively shudder as the haze of man-made fibres [read more]
  • contour
    Contouring is the biggest craze to hit the beauty industry in a while. It is a great way to create chiseled cheekbones and banish a double chin without going under the knife. However with so many products on the market – it is easy to look like Coco The Clown if you don’t know what [read more]
  • savoy collage
    In London, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to musicals and theatre shows. We all have our favourites and can sing most of the songs word for word – The Lion King, Mama Mia!, Mary Poppins and Les Misérables to name just a few. What if I told you that you could relive all of these in [read more]
  • lips
    Look great while still taking care of your lips with five of the best coloured balms. Wearing regular lipstick in the summer can dry out your lips, so it is important to keep them hydrated. Colour lip balms are a girl’s best friend in the sunshine because they are jam packed with goodness [read more]
  • The-Rib-Room-Blooming-Brilliance-Lounge-Edited
    If there’s one way to spend a long and lazy summer evening in London, it’s enjoying botanical cocktails in the decadent Rib Room in Knightsbridge. The Rib Rooms is the bar and restaurant located within the gorgeous Jumeriah Carlton Tower Hotel. Located in the heart of Knightsbridge on Sloane [read more]
  • Literary Lane July
    The great thing about a book is that regardless of whether it’s pouring with rain, or the sun is making your commute to work even more stifling, it has the perfect ability to help you escape. Have to wait a few more weeks till you go on holiday? Or are you back and looking for something to keep [read more]
  • The Runway Bob1
    For years, us girls have been stroking, layering and straightening our endlessly long tresses. But after decades of embracing lengthy hair, this summer has finally seen a bold move away from the long locks that have dominated hair trends for years. Introducing the 2015 bob. Short, blunt, multi [read more]
  • Alter Shot
    So the weddings over, the guests have left. The Honeymoon’s a distant memory. And you’re back home as a married couple, just the two of you. It’s all very exciting. But it’s also kinda quiet? Welcome to the post wedding blues. A well known condition for anyone who has put their all into [read more]
  • women leaders
    When I ask people to picture a strong female leader, they still come up with 1980’s- style images of masculine, aggressive women in power suits with big shoulder pads, elbowing their way to the top.  Margaret Thatcher used a masculine approach to be taken seriously, and it paid off for her. [read more]

    Citrus Salmon Salad

    July 13, 2015

    What’s the first thing that springs to mind when we say salad? Limp lettuce, cheerless cucumber, spring onions that have seen better days? Well not anymore… Banish boring, samey salads and come out shouting with this fresh and zesty delight – Citrus Salmon Salad. Combining fresh and healthy [read more]