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  • Perch
    When you live in north London, Oxford is actually a bit further away than you might think – some things however, are worth the road trip, especially if you’re looking to escape the capital for the day. And if you’re a fan of traditional pubs and dining al fresco, then keep reading because [read more]
  • Zedel-Brasserie-highres (8) (3000x2000)
    London can be a fabulous city to spend summers in. Never mind the lack of sunshine and the unpredictability of the weather, we Londoners like to make the most of what we are given. We make beaches (sans the sea), sand decks and as many pop up bars as our roofs can handle. And most of these outings [read more]
  • Bar pano web
    Known locally as a great place for a late night drink with a selection of delicious cocktails, Victory Mansion in Stoke Newington has been something of an ‘it spot’ since its opening. The venue itself is perfectly decorated, somewhat of a mish mash between a step back in time and modern [read more]
  • WW_retreat_June2016-1467
    Whether you are veteran meditator, a seasonal dabbler in said subject, a complete novice looking to make improvements to your lifestyle, or a non-believer avoiding the subject of meditation all together because you’re not the “hippy type”, there is a perfect evening of new ideas, [read more]
  • CHMF_CharlieAfternoonTea_002_1024x576
    Did you know that Roald Dahl used to be a spy? And also a fighter pilot, inventor and historian of chocolate? Well it’s true! And this September it will be 100 years since the great man, whose stories were synonymous with bedtime, was born. To celebrate the occasion, theatres, restaurants and [read more]
  • jayne buddy
    Jayne Hardy is the founder and CEO of depression support group Blurt Foundation, and the creator of self-care subscription service BuddyBox. Having suffered severe depression herself, Jayne now helps thousands of others going through similar experiences. Tell us about BuddyBox, what is it and what [read more]
  • rose main

    Hot Trend: Rose Beauty Buys

    August 18, 2016

    Very few can deny the beauty of a rose. But why must it only be admired in a garden or in a vase? These days roses not only form the heart of many floral fragrances, but are used in everything from skincare to colouring the perfect shade of lipstick. Here is our guide to the best rose-themed [read more]
  • woman-underwater-842135_1280
    One in three mums suffer ‘pool panic’ at the thought of donning a bikini and getting into the water with their kids, it emerged yesterday. A detailed study found a large percentage of insecure mothers will do their utmost to cover-up as the nation basks in this year’s second [read more]
    When my companion for the evening enquired about the dress code and whether it was “fancy”, I knew it was a sign of a classy affair to follow. Not only because of the fabulous location we were headed to, but because our abode for the evening was The Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel. Settled nicely in [read more]
  • eiffel-tower-1156146_1280
    When you take yourself away on travels do you really immerse yourself in local culture and delve into every detail of local life, or is it a more Shoots, Tweets then Leaves approach whereby you snap a selfie at a famous landmark then head to the nearest pub?! Well if it’s the latter then [read more]


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