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  • life art
    Have you ever made a life-changing decision after watching a Hollywood blockbuster? Trekked across the Far East after watching Eat Pray Love? Taken up martial arts after a viewing of Kill Bill?! If so, you’re not alone. More than half of Brits have made a life-changing decision after a night [read more]
  • Woman Reading
      From Both Ends of the Stethoscope by Dr Kathleen Thompson is a very important book. Written from the fresh perspective of someone who has spent their career looking after others, it details everything from the initial worries about the symptoms of Breast Cancer to the eventual diagnosis and [read more]
  • payday
    Almost a third of British women spend the majority of their monthly wage within a week of being paid – and almost half admit they can’t budget for toffee (or clothes, or bills, or anything else that comes to mind apparently!). Researchers took an in-depth look into the spending habits of [read more]
  • PicMonkey Collage
    Luxury products don’t just have to be for mum. Every parent wants to ensure they give their tot the best start in life – whether its healthcare, clothes or education. So why stop at toiletries. Having a good skincare regime early on sets up good habits in the future. Here are our top [read more]
  • Pip&NutIW4
    Pippa Murray, 27, runs all-natural nut butter company Pip and Nut and lives in Hackney. Her business was partly inspired by her love of running – she’s already completed six marathons – and yesterday she ran the London Marathon for the second time. Q: How did you get into [read more]
  • woman meditating on tropical beach in the caribbean
    As summer slowly approaches our thoughts start to turn to beaches, bikinis, and baring bits of our bodies that haven’t seen the light of day for months. Body confidence isn’t about being the skinniest, smoothest or sexiest bikini-wearer on the beach, it’s about being happy with [read more]
  • Colour Headmasters
    Blondette, Bronde, Dip Dye, Balayage… it’s never been harder to pick a colour and a style that you think would suit your hair colour. Gone are the days when you sat down with your friends and found a quiz in a magazine that told you which hair colour you would suit? If you found a colour it was [read more]
  • pj collage

    The Pyjama Revolution!

    April 19, 2016

    A behind-closed-doors fashion revolution is afoot. Gone are the days of answering the door to the Ocado delivery man in a worn-out Care Bears T-shirt and baggie tracksuit bottoms. As a nation, we are upgrading our grotty jimjams for slinky silk pyjamas and luxury loafing outfits. At M&S, [read more]
  • Multi Generation Family Eating Meal Together In Kitchen
    While maybe more associated with the good old days, it seems family values are alive and well today – with table manners, respecting your elders and being honest and truthful emerging as the most important principles of British family life. Belle About Town decided to delve further into the [read more]
  • kmo
    When Caroline Jones’ Mum died 18 months ago the mother-of-three was, naturally, devastated. Mary was just 72 when she lost her battle against breast cancer and Caroline was left emotionally exhausted and helpless. But a couple of months later she had a brainwave – one which would [read more]


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