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  • As a Fleet Street journalist I quickly desensitised myself to tragedy in the news. As a hungry young reporter I saw disaster as an opportunity to shine. When news of a murder hit the newsdesk I was first on the scene, a real ambulance chaser. I distinctly remember the feeling on July 7th 2005 as I [read more]
  • A new canteen has arrived on the block in Islington and it’s set to shake up the status quo when it comes to food and drink. Mercer and Co in Chapel Market is a salt beef bar and canteen serving up sandwiches packed with the finest cuts of meat at the same time as offering a first-rate [read more]
  • It is barely possible to take a step in Stratford-upon-Avon without a whiff of Shakespeare cutting through the air. From eponymous hotels to tailored Bard-influenced afternoon teas, the 800 year-old market town has every angle covered. So as my friend and I drove through the streets in search of [read more]
  • For the last year, trend pieces about Scandinavian lifestyle have been dominated by Hygge – the Danish art of being cosy, embracing the winter months and giving ourselves over to our inner sloth. Well, now that May is here and Spring has really sprung, we’re all looking forward to lighter [read more]
  • Summer is coming and the anticipation of sunny days, exotic holidays and family time in the garden is growing. The long days and balmy nights are what makes summer so much fun, but the heat can also bring trouble of the hot and bothered kind. Fast-forward to July and the kids begin an eternity off [read more]
  • “A facelift?” said my friend. “Are you serious?” I texted back that I was then mischievously left her hanging. It was obvious what she was thinking – scalpels, white coats, bandages – but the reality was far from it. I mean, a really long way from it. Despite its name, the Zone Facelift [read more]
  • Beauty Trend: Peach

    May 12, 2017

      The latest trend inside the beauty world this summer is peach. From its coral hue, to its fruit scent – peach is everywhere. If you want to look as pretty as a peach without looking like  you’ve been tangoed (are we showing our age remembering that advert?!), then check out Belle [read more]
  • Merchant Square in Paddington has in recent years become a thriving canalside community. Towering office blocks form a barrier between the emerging area and the outside world. Restaurants and bars bring a lively energy to a formerly downtrodden part of London. And this summer the area promises to [read more]
  • No one or nothing has ever convinced me to get up early on a Monday morning. Any other morning of the week – not a problem, just not Mondays. Mondays are for staying in bed until the very last minute, preserving the sweet memories of the weekend just gone for as long as possible. I do however [read more]
  • With so many ingredients and products available to us, it can be a little confusing working out what we should be using in our daily skincare regime for that flawless, glowing complexion. But fear not, Belle About Town has done the hard work for you, and here’s our tips and advice on key [read more]


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