New Year, New You!

New Year New YouHave you already broken your New Year’s resolution to do something about your health? Already had too much alcohol, skipped the gym and had that piece of chocolate cake? You’re not alone. Here Brighton based author, speaker, chiropractor and online posture expert Dr Paula Moore shows just how to make those resolutions, well, more resolute!

A resolution can be thought of as a firm decision to do something. A firm decision is only as good as your why for doing it. The most common resolution for women is to lose weight. The key to your weight loss does not lie in your firm decision not to eat cake but in your deep realisation of why you want to lose the weight.

Why Bother?
Physical pain is a great motivator but you’d best find something a little more emotionally relevant if you want to keep at it, because if you don’t, you will give up when you lose the weight or the pain is gone and find yourself back at square one a few months later – what New Year’s resolution?!

The best way to stay motivated this New Year is to become really clear about why you want to lose weight, improve posture, de-clutter, or learn to speak French. Really dig deep for your whys. Do you want to lose weight because the only thing you have in common these days with your active spouse are the movies you like to watch? Do you want better posture because you have gradually noticed your confidence plummet over the years? Maybe you just want to get a body you’d feel sexy in so you can begin salsa classes – now that is a resolution worth pursuing! If you couldn’t fail, what would you resolve to do?

Healthy Resolves
For many of you, your health will be a top priority this year. Getting outside, getting active has the potential to take years off. You don’t need to start training for the London Marathon; you can actually start changing your body with your thoughts!

Think Yourself Healthy
Apparently your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between real and imagined. That is why you jump when you watch a scary movie. You can implant suggestions into your mind to effect permanent change. Simply start with some positive words to describe your relationship to your body, exercise and health. Out with the old and in with the new for 2013.

Old: I hate exercise
New: I’m gettin’ me a sexy new body
Old: I’m fat!
New: I’m getting leaner and keener!

Go on, have some fun!

De-clutter Your Brain
Do you know that your unfinished business (paper piles, unpaid bills, broken appliances) takes up valuable emotional and physical energy – energy that could free you to take on something meaningful. If you want room to change your health, you need room in your life. Clear the decks – if you need help, ask for it. There are people who specialise in this line of work. Start now. Start today!

Dr Paula Moore

Practise Saying No
Yes people are susceptible to developing chronic health issues because they can’t say no. You have suppressed no’s that need to get out! If you find it difficult to say no, you may find by practising saying it, you discover more time for taking care of yourself, and as a result, have fewer health problems.

Gain an Inch … in Height!
Learn to stand tall. Most of you will have forgotten how to stand tall due to the inevitability of our desk- based lives. Try this: Think of a great big balloon attached to your chest (breast bone), lifting you. At the same time, imagine there is a string attached to your head, gently lengthening your spine as you tuck your chin inward. This should feel relaxed and natural with some practise. Learning to stand tall is the first step in improving posture and as an added benefit looks and creates confidence.

Start now and learn to trust yourself to keep your resolutions. Make friends with your body and always, always remember your magnificence. If all you have right now is a small belief, then start with that. You can begin to think yourself healthy until one day you find that you have transformed – you feel and look great and others notice!

by Dr Paula Moore.
Her latest book, The Posture Doctor has just been released. Follow her on Twitter or Facebook.
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