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Magdalena Frackowiak, Behati Prinsloo, Candice Swanepoel, Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes, Karlie Kloss, Lily AldridgeThe Victoria’s Secret Angel’s have hit London. Envied for their sculpted figures, long limbs and radiant skin, we look at just what it takes to be one of the most elite models in the world.  And while genetics may stop you getting a supermodel body, here are five simple steps you can take to help discover your own body of an Angel…

1. ‘Glow’getters’: Oxyjet Therapy

The Victoria Secret models have glowing, youthful skin, full of vitality. How do they maintain their incredible skin flying from location to location, prodded and poked by make up artists and long shoot days?

Celebrity skin expert, Founder and Director of Clinica Fiore Skin Medica, Flavio Refrigeri suggests the Oxyjet Therapy, loved by Hollywood A’ listers including Jennifer Anniston, approved by ‘The Body’ model Elle Macpherson and tried and tested by our own Kate Middleton, helps skin appear tighter and youthfully smoother.

A powerful alternative to Botox, The Oxyjet therapy uses oxygen applied direct to the skin, targeting the deepest cell layer which plays an important role in anti-aging, to convert nutrients and vital substances into energy, intensifying the formation of collagen in the skin, filling in lines and wrinkles and giving a smoother complexion.

For best results, have the Oxyjet Therapy just before your intended event, to tighten the skin, smooth and create a perfect base for your final look.

Oxyjet Therapy is a course of 6 treatments performed over the course of 6 weeks. After the 6 week programme, 1 treatment per month is essential to keep the effect of the therapy alive.

2. ‘The Ultimate Pre-Show Catwalk Cocktail’: IV Nutrient Cocktail

We’ve all seen the pictures of the Victoria Secret models arriving off the plane yesterday, looking like they could roll right off the concourse and onto the catwalk. How can you look refreshed, full of energy and shining with good health in such a fast paced world?
The Intravenous Nutrient Cocktail is a fast acting energy booster, with results leaving your skin hydrated, dewy, and radiant. It will also flush out all the toxins in the body replacing them with a unique combination of vitamins, trace minerals and anti-oxidants, which are fed directly into your blood supply via an intravenous drip.

Leaving you with bright eyes, feeling energised and tackling any lingering winter colds, this quick pick me up is a true inside-out skin-brightening beauty fix. The list of celebrity fans is rapidly growing with Rihanna, Cara Delevingne and Millie Mackintosh all publicly turning to this method as the ultimate energy booster.

3. ‘Wetter The Better’: Hydration

Drink A LOT of water, this helps detoxify the skin and body, carrying nutrients to your vital organs, whilst hydrating the skin, locking in fluids vital for anti-ageing purposes.

Angel Adriana Lima in the lead up to the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, says she drinks a gallon of water a day. Yes, you read that right. A gallon. Two days before the show she will limit herself to normal recommended amounts, so an average of 8 glasses over the course of the day and 12 hours before the show she will stop drinking all liquids completely to help define her muscles and frame.

4. ‘Ab-solutely Flab’u’less’

Victoria Secret models aren’t afraid of exercise, and in the lead up to the show they take their fitness approach up a level, taking specialised classes such as the popular Ballet Beautiful approach, or Alessandra Ambrosio’s specialised 10-day session devised by her PT, dubbed the ‘Brazil Butt Lift’ to help her tone her bottom for the catwalk.

Regardless of their training routines, it’s vital exercise is supported with the correct diet and nutrition. The recovery window straight after a workout is vital with the importance of consuming protein within 30 minutes being widely acknowledged.

But our handbags aren’t built to hold protein powder, shaker, pre-cooked meals and a large bottle of water, so drinks such as the world’s first high protein coconut water, CocoPro provide gym enthusiasts the ultimate recovery solution. Combining 20 grams of whey protein (per 330ml serving) with the natural nutritional properties of coconut water to deliver the ultimate muscle recovery and hydration in a convenient ready to consume drink. CocoPro is the best drink for beauties on the go; the coconut water also keeps skin looking amazing, fresh and hydrated.

5. ‘Squat it like it’s hot!’

The Victoria Secret models have to have toned, honed and sculpted bodies, and they all sport perfect runway rears. Follow this 30-day squat challenge as set by the founders of the UK’s first sport subscription box ‘JoggBox’ to lift and tighten your derrière to heavenly heights like angel Doutzen Kroes.

Placing feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart, and gently bend the knees so they are over the ankles, with your bottom sticking out. Roll your shoulders back and extend your arms straight out with palms facing down. As you being to squat down, make sure you back stays straight, chest and shoulders upright, balancing your weight over your foot surface.

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