We Test The Latest In Permanent Hair Removal

Hair removal can be the bane of many of beauty regimes. Shaving is quick and cheap but regrowth is also quick, depilatory creams are messy, smelly and don’t last much longer. The ‘ouch’ factor of epilators, as well as how long they take to remove the hair, can make this an unacceptable method for many and while waxing produces a nice smooth finish it is expensive if you have it done at a salon and needs to be done every three to four weeks.

IPL and laser hair removal treatments seemed to offer a more permanent solution but none were 100% affective and they are expensive.

Now there is an IPL system that is quick and easy to use and best of all you can use it in the comfort and privacy of  your own home.

The HoMedics me is the first at-home hair reduction system to sue uses IPL and Radio Frequency. Said to be more effective than IPL alone or laser, this powerful technology is clinically proven to reduce hair by up to 89% after only four treatments. The IPL pre-heats the hair follicle, creating a target for the Radio Frequency. The Radio Frequency then further heats the hair follicle, therefore disabling it and permanently preventing future growth.

Easy to use and pain free, HoMedics me works by gently gliding over your skin in a continuous motion like an epilator or shaver and requires no preparation or gels to use.

It is a great product for most people because it is suitable for the widest range of skin types and hair colours and is safe to use on the face for fairer complexions (from the cheekbones down). It’s quick and easy to use and pain free because it works by gently gliding over your skin in a continuous motion like an epilator or shaver and requires no preparation or gels to use. And it can also be used simultaneously with an epilator attachment, or shaver attachment, removing hair immediately and preventing future re-growth at the same time.

All these promises sounded great and with light olive skin tone and brown hair, I decided to put it to the test.

It was indeed quick and easy to use. I used it without either of the attachments so the only preparation was to shave the area that I would be doing and have clean dry skin. I tried it on my lower legs, bikini line and underarms so that I could see how well it did.  It takes a bit of getting used to with the flashes of bright light but after about the third time I was less timid and using it with confidence. It glided over my skin easily and, even though I used it on the highest setting, I didn’t feel any discomfort only a little warmth.

After the first use my leg hair, which is very fine, took a longer time to grow back in. My harsher bikini line and underarm hair (from years of shaving) didn’t seem much different.

Four sessions on and my leg hair is very fine and patchy, my underarms are getting less and the bikini line is starting to respond. This is not a quick fix, nor does it pretend to get rid of the all your hair but what is left on my legs I can easily wax myself and I will keep on treating my underarms and bikini line as I think they’re just taking longer to respond.

At almost £400 this may seem like an expensive buy however when you add up all the money you spend on waxing each year it quickly pays for itself. A word of warning though, you will still need to budget for eyebrow threading and your Brazilian as it is not suitable for those areas.

Get it as a Christmas present for yourself this year you will have smooth legs by the time spring comes.

HoMedics me is exclusively available from larger Boots stores and Boots.com (SRP £449.99) reduced to £399.99 in December. The replacement cartridges (SRP £40.00) and the epilator attachment (SRP £39.99) are available from larger Boots stores and Boots.com. The shaver attachment is only available from HoMedics (www.homedics.co.uk) and retails at £39.99.

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