Age-Proof Your Skin With Hydrogen Superpower

There is a new skincare superhero on the beauty market that is brought to you by none other than cutting-edge skincare brand Perricone MD.

Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a revolutionary dermatologist and nutritionist, with a strong anti-Botox stance, has dedicated the past 30 years researching anti-inflammatory strategies for preventing and combating the signs of aging.

Renowned for his holistic lifestyle philosophy where beauty begins from the inside out, Dr. Perricone has established a 3-Tier Solution of promoting an anti-inflammatory diet, the consumption of targeted nutritional supplements and the use of premium anti-inflammatory skincare solutions.

Pushing scientific boundaries in the course of his research, the new power-player in transforming cellular energy and delivering amazingly powerful boosts of hydration has emerged: Hydrogen.

What is the science behind it? Skin damage and premature signs of aging are caused over time by both internal and external aggressors such as UVA and UVB rays, stress, lack of sleep and pollution and can lead to dull and fatigued-looking skin. Dr Perricone’s H2 Energy Complex™ powered by the smallest and lightest element, hydrogen, rapidly penetrates the surface layers of the skin with a boost of hydrating vitality. Your skin will look re-energized and radiant.

Perricone MD’s latest gift to advanced skincare enthusiasts and devotees is the H2 Elemental Energy™ Collection. Designed for those with normal to dry skin, all of the products in the series feature unique, lightweight and fast-absorbing texture.

I am definitely sold on the Hydrating Cloud Cream, £69. The clue is in the name. My face couldn’t wait to be smothered in this airy, whipped-creamy textured yet rich moisturiser. My skin is part high maintenance, part schizophrenic because it’s sensitive, dry and oily on different areas of my face, so the demands of my skin could be called ‘diva-ish’. This ‘creamy cloud’ definitely had a silver lining, and delivered.

The H2 Elemental Energy™ Collection, featuring H2 Energy Complex™ includes a Hydrating Booster Serum, £80, De-Puffing Eye Gel, £60 and Firming Foam Mask, £48. In addition to these regular hydrating wonders, the collection also includes a special bonus: Advanced Renewal Infusion Serum. It’ is an intensive anti-aging booster treatment to supercharge your skin further, three to four times a year.

  • Perricone MD H2 Elemental Energy™ Collection is available online, as well as at Harrods and other various distributors nationwide from May 2017.
Zuzana Ritchie

Zuzana Ritchie

Embracing the multiple career personality disorder she developed after moving to London in her twenties, Zuzana Ritchie can be spotted around the city in the capacity of a make-up artist on Monday, a voice-over artist on Tuesday and a beauty writer on Wednesday.

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