7 Cheats To Look Beach Body Ready

Is that summer holiday just a week away and you haven’t quite started that pre-holiday diet yet or been slogging it out t the gym five times a week like you promised yourself? Rather than panic, or starve yourself for the final week which only results in fainting spells and egg-shaped lumps on your head, why not go prepared to fake your way to the perfect pool-side bikini body.

1. Get a good swimsuit
There are so many swimsuits and bikinis that can help to hide your bad bits and accentuate your good bits from hold you in panels to push up bras and bottoms. The Miraclesuit Barcelona bandeau shaping swimsuit (£115 from Figleaves.com) is sophisticated yet sexy. Add a big sun hat and you will have all the heads turning.

2. Mani, pedi, body wrap and facial
Pamper yourself before you go so that you can feel confident that you will look your best when you hit the beach or pool.  A seaweed wrap, such as the Thalgo 3 algae scrub and wrap can help get rid of that pre-holiday bloating and make skin touchably smooth. A Murad facial will have your face glowing with health, a hair treatment means your barnet will look in tip-top condition and the mani/pedi ensures a polished finished look (though go for a short squoval shape to avoid the WAG look!)

3.  Get a pre-holiday tan
A spray-tan will hide imperfections, define’s limbs and shave five pounds off your overall appearance. For best results get a professional spray-tan where a good tanning professional can shade areas to have you looking your best. Belle About Town’s favourite is a Beau Bronz tan with Abi O.

4. Wedges are a girls best beach friend
We all know that wearing heels makes legs look longer and leaner though stilettos not only look out-of-place at the beach but we are also supposed to be taking a break from the pains of everyday life. Wedges however can give legs the same look while appearing casual, nautical and being comfortable to wear. Pack a few pairs in a variety of heights and  styles to go with your holiday wardrobe.

5.  Posture can fix a million sins
Did your mum always tell you to sit up straight? Well she was right, good posture can help you look pounds lighter. Walk tall and lift up from the rib-cage to ensure that stomach looks lengthened and slim. Do the same when you are sitting down. Make sure that you pull-up from the rib-cage or lean back taking your weight on your hands or elbows to keep that mid area looking long and lean.

6. Cover-up but not cover-all
Know you good points and your bad points, then on the beach or around the pool, when you are not focusing on improving that tan, cover up the parts you are not so comfortable while keeping on show the bits that are. If you are pear shaped but have a great stomach then a sarong is your friend. Those that carry weight around the middle but have fabulous legs are best off with a short kaftan. Girls that feel that they are too skinny can revel in a long kaftan that only just meets in the middle, giving flashes of what is underneath. Holidays are also a great place to show off your décolletage so don’t be shy and have outfits that show it off – large or small – to its best advantage.

7. Confidence and a smile
The thing that people notice most about a person is often not what they are wearing or what size they are but that they are confident and smiley. If you are happy with yourself other people will be too. So hold your head up, put those shoulders back, strut across the boardwalk like it’s your personal catwalk and have fun!


[picture credit:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/slyadnev]
Miss B

Miss B

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