Emotional Intelligence

Dare To Be Happy!

March 18, 2016

It may have escaped your attention but this Sunday (March 20th) is International Day of Happiness. That’s right, a day dedicated to that most pleasurable of emotions – being happy. [read more]

Get Elevated At Tower Bridge

February 9, 2016

It was a typical winter morning – cold, windy and wet – in fact the perfect morning for a dose of mindfulness. I left on my quest before the sun came out, arriving in an already bustling London [read more]

How To Avoid Emotional Eating

January 22, 2016

Apparently by now most of us have forgotten about our new year resolutions and fallen off the diet wagon. However not all of us need to diet as such to lose those extra pounds we put on as we [read more]

Get Some Witchy Confidence This Halloween

October 29, 2015

Who fancies being a witch this Halloween? An evil, haggard old woman, hunched over a bubbling cauldron, cooking up your latest wicked spell or potion. Not a very attractive image, right? So why [read more]

The Secret Thoughts Of Men

July 28, 2015

Picture the scene: it’s Saturday afternoon and you’ve hit the local high street with your boyfriend in search of some new clothes. As you gaze at the shoes, scarves and other paraphernalia you [read more]

Best Friends Are Great For Your Health

June 2, 2015

We’ve never really needed an excuse to hang out with our besties but now studies show there is more than just feeling good when we’re with our best friends. There are a myriad of ways [read more]

Superwoman? Her Sell By Date Has Expired!

April 27, 2015

It can be hard to be everything to everyone all of the time. As well as putting unrealistic pressure on ourselves, we are also not doing future generations any favours by pretending that we can have [read more]
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