So You Want To Be An Author…

March 27, 2013

They say that everyone has a book inside them and we’re sure that, like us, a few of you have thought how good it would be to be a published author. To be paid to write is a lot of [read more]

Stay Creative For Life

January 23, 2013

“A person who has not yet made his  great contribution to science before the age of 30 will never do so,” said Albert Einstein. He was just 26 when he published his theory of relativity. [read more]

If I Ruled The World…

September 25, 2012

Clare Stewart is director of the BFI’s 56th London Film Festival. She grew up in South Gippsland, Australia, before acquiring a passion for film and volunteering at the Melbourne Cinematheque. She [read more]

A Day In The Life Of… A PR

August 3, 2012

In our new career series, A Day In The Life Of… we look behind the scene of other people’s careers to see if they really are cooler than our own jobs. In the first of the series we talk [read more]
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