Elisabetta’s Loss Is Normal Women’s Gain

When it was announced that George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis had broken up after two years, a quiet cheer went up from women everywhere. Their silver fox was single again! Why is it that we get so excited when we hear our favourite heartthrob is single again?

Do we really think that if we entered a bar and George was there that he would saunter on over and offer to buy us a drink while whispering sweet nothings into our ears? Well yes and no. Continued exposure to celebrities through their films, interviews, charitable work, and tweets make us feel as if we know them a whole lot better than we actually do. We can relate to the causes they support, like the products they endorse and, no matter how intelligent we are and know that they are just acting, are attracted to the personalities of the characters they play. Who doesn’t want an heroic sensitive pediatrician a la Dr Doug Ross as a boyfriend?

The problem is that celebrities are not the image they portray. Even with the access we have to them as real people discussing their films, talking out for a cause or goofing off at a premiere doesn’t reveal their true person. We forget that celebrities are brands with publicists, image consultants and managers coordinating their every move.

‘Who cares,’ you say, ‘they are HOT!’ Well that is true enough but catching the eye of an A-List celebrity can be nigh on impossible even if you happen to be in the same club or restaurant as them. First of all they are surrounded by exceptionally good looking people all the time. Now we’re not talking the prettiest girl at school or did some modelling after university pretty we’re talking freakishly skinny and beautiful women. And secondly they are very wary of people outside their industry (and even those in it!) wanting to ride their celebrity status.

The problem is that just when we come to terms with the fact that celebrities only date other celebrities we find an exception to the rule. Despite dating actresses Minnie Driver and Winona Ryder, Matt Damon finally settled down with divorced barmaid Luciana Barroso. Lost bad boy Josh Holloway met his future wife, Indonesian Yessica Kumala, in a bar when she had the gumption to tell him to give her his number but refused to give Josh hers. They are now married with a baby girl! And of course the ultimate is the girl who bagged a prince. When commoner Kate Middleton walked up the aisle at Westminster Abbey, women in their late 20s up and down the country bemoaned the fact that they hadn’t gone to St Andrew University and been in with a chance. Even Clooney gave us hope when he dated club host Sarah Larson.

So despite the unlikeliness of ever being in the same room as the gorgeous Mr Clooney, we still celebrate the fact that he is once again available to us, no matter how remotely that is!

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Miss B

Miss B

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