In search of magic shoes

The elusive prize in shoes is the comfortable heel. Now I am certainly no expert in walking tall in a pair of towering stilettos for more than about 30 minutes but I certainly admire those girls who can pull it off effortlessly.

While I don’t want Victoria Beckham’s pipe-cleaner proportions, I would love her ability to walk with ease in shoes that not only lengthen her legs and look great but also give her an extra four inches in height.

Well I have to say that I have finally found a shoe that gives me those much needed inches but without feeling like I have a nail going through the ball of my feet, walking like man in drag or twisting my ankle.

I have nicknamed them my magic shoes! While I admit they are wedges and not a stiletto, they are so comfortable that I totally forget that I am wearing heels. Even my ballet flats (of which I am an avid wearer) often give me arch cramp after a full day of wearing them. Best of all they do not look like orthopaedics that do not go with anything.

My friends have been lining up to try them on (they don’t quite believe me either!!) and asking me to order them some and they are funky enough to garner compliments from strangers at events too. In fact I originally saw them adorning someone else’s foot and asked where they got them from.

So this miracle heel must cost a fortune, no? NO! Believe it or not I got them for £28 from that fashionistas dream shop ASOS.

So now that I am trained up in heel wearing (well I can dream) I have turned my attention to other collections for a bit of shoe love.

The silver Kross from Dune (£99, adds a whole lot of glamour to your outfit. The four and a half inch stiletto heel is supported by a platform  to make it easier to wear for long periods. Perfect for weddings or black-tie events.

The Black Sand Banchy shoe in taupe brushed leather (£130, is the perfect daytime court that you won’t be ashamed to be seen in after hours. It has a hidden platform making the almost five inch heels a little easier on the ball of your foot. The nude shoe is a favourite of the A-list and the perfect shoe for lengthening legs and going with any outfit.

The Kurt Geiger Cairo (£195, is a lovely patent leather peep-toe shoe with the obligatory platform. This is top of my list for adding to the glam quota when attending meetings, openings and events.

So hopefully it is not just the running in heels that I can now do, it is the standing around in them, for hours, and still be comfortable – the holy grail of the stiletto!

[picture credit: Allie Hylton]
Miss B

Miss B

Miss B is a Belle About Town who likes to bring a little bit of style into every aspect of her life. An experienced journalist with over a decade in the industry she turned to the web to fill a gap for tech-savvy stylish women who want the best life has to offer at their fingertips. She loves a decadent cocktail bar, a beautifully cut dress, the perfect pair of heels, quality over quantity and is partial to Asian-fusion food, enjoys holidaying in the sun and shopping breaks to New York. But her first love is of course London!


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  1. Thanks so much Belle for the recommendation. They arrived last Friday. I’ve worn them all weekend and they are just as you say – magic! Comfortable straight away, no blisters and a joy to stand around in. My friends admired them and have ordered some too.

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