Create The Best Environment For A Good Night’s Sleep

With so much going on in our lives it can sometimes be hard to get a good night’s sleep. However by creating the right mood in the bedroom, going to bed can be a dream! Making your boudoir and sanctuary of calm will help you to unwind.

Paying attention to each of your senses will help you to relax. Pamper your skin with crisp cotton sheets, a cozy velvet throw, a cool silk pillowcase and silk pyjamas. Gives your eyes a rest with soft lighting and then an eye mark to keep out the morning light. Aromatherapy will sooth you to your soul while nature sounds will block out the sounds of the busy city right outside your window.

Good night sleep

1. This luxurious Louise Silver Velvet Bedspread, £168 from Laura Ashley, has been created from the softest velvet to keep you cosy.

2. This Silk Pyjamas Set With Lotus Pattern from the, £119.20, has timeless appeal with a contemporary look. In icy silk with a dove grey print, it offers exceptional comfort and style.

3. Beautifully fluffy and soft, this Tudela 100% Mohair Blanket is a real a treat for those evenings in, £89 from Urbanara.

4. Bring mother nature into the room with a beautiful blooming plants. Orchids and Hydrangeas make great statement pieces adding to the ambiance of the room. Starting at £25 from Waitrose.

5. This embroidered silk lavender filled eye mask, £46 from Holistic Silk, guarantees the sweetest dreams.

6.This exquisite Genuisa 1000-thread-count bed linen, made from Suvin cotton offers the ultimate bed-time luxury. A bundle of Duvet cover, Pillow cases and  fitted sheet for a double bed in £258.30 from Soak and Sleep but you will never want to leave your bed again!

7.Replace white globes in your lights in the bedroom with pink globes to create a very soft glow, and creating a calming environment. These ones are just £9.16 for 6 from Amazon and you’ll be surprised at the difference they make!

8. Drift off to sleep with the relaxing sounds from ocean waves, rain or summer nights with HoMedics Sound Spa Relaxation Machine, £35.40 from Amazon. Or if you have an iPhone, download the Relaxing Sounds of Nature app, £1.49 for a peaceful way of nodding off.

9. This madebyzen Bloom Aroma Diffuser £50 from John Lewis, emits a comforting aroma at home. Combine it with your favourite essential oils such as lavender or rose for a good night sleep.

10. Made from 100% silk and fully machine washable, the luxury in this pillowcase, £35 from John Lewis, is something to experience every day. Silk helps to keep hair looking fabulous so you will look like you have just stepped out of a salon even first thing in the morning!

Miss B

Miss B

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  1. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase and a silk pillow is pure luxury

    I have recently purchased from couldn’t be more pleased

    The silk they use is 25 momme which is the best quality around for silk

    I asked how they could sell them at just £22, and was told they miss out the middle man and sell directly to the public

    Highly recommended

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