Who’s a pampered pooch?

Just like us Belle’s most dogs need a beauty routine of some sort ranging from nail care and brushing to a full on spa treatment. There are about eight million dogs living on this island of ours so there’s a lot of pampering going on!

In preparation for my new four-legged friend I decide to find out about the best doggie beauticians in London. I mean really don’t we all love a bit of pampering now and then? From Primrose Hill to Battersea and Bethnal Green I searched as only the best will do for this Belle’s pooch.

What I hadn’t realised was how far this industry had come in recent years. A quick drenching in the bath and a rub down with your worst towel will definitely not do for the 21st Century dog.

The variety of dog styling in London ranges from your classic wash and dry to urban dog salons and hip pet boutiques. Although I knew my lovely new friend was going to be so much more that the average I thought it fair to check out all levels of this furry new world.

The classic groom

I was surprised to find out that even the most basic dog grooming parlour offered Italian baths and illuminated grooming tables along with the promise of your friend emerging looking and smelling like a million dollars. One such place is The Mutz Nutz in Notting Hill. This all sounded very nice but I wanted to check out what else was out there.

The high class beautician

I must admit the idea of visiting a hip pet boutique and grooming spa was too much to resist. I had visions of mud wraps, saunas and fluffy white slippers.

Several puppy parlours across London offer the full spa experience consisting of a coat spruce up and trim, an aromatherapy bath and fluff dry and a pedicure all followed up with a refreshing spritz – lovely!  And if that wasn’t enough your pampered pooch can also have a session of doggie reflexology. I may even book myself in. One example is Waggin’ Tails Pet Spa in West Brompton.

The urban styling

I love living in a city and for me the definition of a London dog is the urban dog – cool, sophisticated and very big city. This is definitely a concept that has taken off in London and as I found out you can take a pooch along for a touch of Sex and the City styling any day of the week.

The urban dog can look forward to a first class “top-to-tail” groom, an indulgent grooming experience consisting of a shampoo and condition, massage and facial. After all this indulgence your pup can peruse the Italian collection of accessories available before venturing out to show off their new do. Try out Barking Betty in Battersea.

Who could believe there would be so much choice for a Belle’s best friend! But it seems size does matter in the canine beauty world. The bigger the dog the more costly and time consuming keeping them in tip top shape will be. This means I’m going to have to decide if my future friend is going to be a large Lassie with lovely long locks or little Toto with a short back and sides.

Now I’m not planning on entering my dog into a Miss Dog Beauty Pageant, no I’m not joking they do exist but thankfully across the pond, but I do want my pup to look her best. So from four paw manicures to coat colouring and reflexology I’m pretty confident I can find the perfect place for my special friend in London.

By Kitty Nine
[picture credits: deanna_;  The Moonstone Archive  / Chris Lester; jpre86]
Miss B

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  1. Deborah Feingle // July 1, 2010 at 9:10 pm //

    I like your writing style and appreciate your opinion on anything beauty-related, but I really love the honest and intimate, maybe even vulnerable tone You can hit in these posts.

  2. Pampering your pets makes you feel so good. My poodle loves her mud wrap and aroma therapy shampoo twice a month. I have pictures of her wrapped in bliss but I don’t know how to get them to you. I must say I really enjoyed the read and I hope you have more stories for us. Jenny and Ani (the poodle) in Australia.

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