How To Date In Four Countries!

Jean Smith is a cultural anthropologist who has devoted her life to de-coding the art of flirting.

After spending years interviewing a mixture of hot Swedish seducers, New York minute daters, Parisien charmers and self-deprecating Londoners, Jean has identified six no-fail, universal signs for flirting. Want to know how to use your feet for  greatest flirting effect? What to do with the eyes? One blink means I like you, two, you’ve pulled! Or the best approaches to ensure instant success?

How to snag a date in…

New York

  • Act confident: Here, the weak get crushed
  • Don’t waste your time on one person; someone better could be just around the corner
  • If he doesn’t come over to you, than you go to him!
  • Use your sexuality. Guys here like the illusion of sex (and sex)
  • Don’t let your fear of rejection stop you. Here, it’s par for the flirting course.


  • Don’t let him know that you like him. She who shows genuine interest, loses.
  • Show off your intellect with high brow conversations and heated debates
  • Look coy, mysterious, and aloof. No one likes it to come easy here.
  • If you see someone you like, look just a little, lest he will think you are easy.
  • Dress like Bridget Bardot, skirts, heels, but keep your skin covered.


  • Use your witty banter and charm, no ‘serious topics’ for these cheeky chappies
  • These men love cleavage. Give them what they want!
  • Do approach these shy beasts, they like it! However, do it subtly, or you will get the ‘deer in the headlights’ look.
  • Don’t waste time with ‘polite flirting’ if you don’t like him. Make your graceful exit with a smile, and move on.
  • Give him more obvious signals of interest. They need all the help they can get.


  • Look first from afar, using eye contact
  • Choose someone you want, and walk up to him
  • Make sure you choose wisely though, because you only get one chance. The guys here want to be your first and only pick.
  • Drink lots, if you want to blend in.
  • Do you want sex? Have sex! There’s no stigma here. He’ll probably make you breakfast too.

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Miss B

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