Can Angels Help You?

Jacky Newcomb is an expert in paranormal experiences, specialising in angels and the afterlife. She is also the award-winning  author of An Angel Saved My Life and An Angel By My Side. Here Jacky talks about how we can connect to our guardian angels …

What are angels?
Angels mean different things to different people but in the traditional sense, angels are beings of light sent from God or the creator to help humankind. These days many people believe that deceased loved ones are guardian angels and with good reason. Often the deceased will appear in dreams and visions and tell the grieving that they’ll always be watched over and cared for; that they’ve become their guardian angel.

How do you communicate with angels?
I meditate and they appear in dreams a lot but mainly it’s about how I live my life. Angels are part of how I live every single day. I ask for their assistance and things happen; not always in a magical way but I bump into someone who can help or the assistance arrived in a sudden and unexpected way. The secret seems to be to simply ask angels for their help.

When did you first realise that you could connect and understand what they want for us?
I had my first experience aged 5. I was drowning out at sea when a presence made itself known to me. At that point I was given the choice of living or dying and of course I chose life. I think I was somewhat changed by that experience. Angels roles are to help us to become who we are and to assist us in our own life missions. It sounds a bit ‘new-age-mumbo-jumbo’ but the reality is very different. We are born to learn and grow. Many people feel they have chosen life for specific reasons (they need to learn patience for example!) I believe our guardian angel’s roles are to help us achieve these lessons we set for ourselves.

How many different types of angels are there and what do each type do for us?
There are billions of angels! But they each have different roles and tasks. Some work with nature, others with safely or weather and so on. We are primarily concerned with the most basic of angels, we call them guardians or guardian angels. Each of us have our own angel and traditions and religions all over the world hold this belief.

How can we better connect to our own guardian angels and know where they are trying to guide us?
I think we need to become aware that angels are real. My own books for example are full of hundreds of stories of real life intervention. There are millions around the world who have experienced and even seen these angelic beings. Some studies show as many as 50% of people believe in angels.
I think everyday folk expect a 20 foot angel to just appear in front of them or jump out of the wardrobe and it simply doesn’t happen like that. Our human eyes have a very limited ability to see the world around us. We can see but a small part of the light spectrum, not even as much as the common goldfish (who can see in the infra-red and ultraviolet range), yet we expect to see angels and spirits! Our bodies just can’t.
When people do see angels it’s usually when in an altered state of consciousness (dreaming or meditating, sometimes when unconscious or during a near death experience). Their signs are more subtle. People see their messages in ‘co-incidences’ or in regular patterns around them.

What other paranormal experiences have you had?
So many! My deceased relatives (especially my father and uncle) often visit me in dreams and visions. Dad and uncle Eric can warn me about things that are coming up in the future or just pop in to say hello. I used to have a lot of out-of-body experiences where my spirit would float free of my body. I’d find myself flying round the house or neighbourhood. It was freaky at first and then I missed it when it stopped for several years. It’s recently begun all over again!

From what you know and have learnt, what is life about and what awaits us after this life?
Life is a big school. Earth is the most beautiful classroom there is, and we have the most diverse life forms here, but our feelings here are extreme. We feel the most love and the most pain on our planet… the conditions can be harsh, but people queue up to be born on the blue planet. We set our own lessons. Our soul decides in advance what it wants to learn this time around and then is born with other ‘friends’ (soul mates) that we’ve incarnated with over and over again. We help each other.
During near death experiences people get a glimpse of what our real home (heaven) is about. Mostly people don’t want to come back into the body once they have the remembering experience of what it’s like to be a pure soul again! Earth is going through dramatic changes at the moment and we are changing too. So many are realising that love is the most important thing of all. Riches and power are of no relevance.
So many people have experienced the ‘other side’ that I’ve written a whole book called Heaven about what happens when you die and where you go. 

What is your most moving experience to do with angels?
Dad acts as a guardian for me in the afterlife. His presence is the most powerful in my life and I still love that man so much. One day recently he came in a dream visitation to bring me a message. I just hugged him and held his hand. His love was so powerful. He helps me all the time…is he an angel? Not in the traditional sense but he was certainly a very powerful and healing spirit, and still is.
We need to cherish and appreciate the loved ones we have on this side of life because even though Dad is still around for me, there is nothing quite like a hug on earth!

What is their main message to us?

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