A Royal Tail?

With spring in the air and a Royal wedding looming this Belle is beside herself with excitement.

As I cycled through Victoria Park I noticed how many people were out in the sunshine frolicking with their dogs and couldn’t help but marvel at the plethora of puppies bouncing around on the grass.

I began to think about the four-legged members of our very own Royal family. The Royals are well known for their love of dogs and they have featured heavily in paintings and photos over the centuries. From corgis to greyhounds and pugs to collies the humble dog has held an important place in Royal history.

Even Prince William has had a handsome black Labrador called Widgeon. I wonder when we’ll hear the pitter patter of furry feet in the new marital home?


The King Charles spaniel is a well know breed seen regularly in London’s parks. The toy spaniels has featured in the Royal family since the 16th century and King Charles II was so fond of them he gave them the Royal title.

Often seen with two or three of these sprightly spaniels at his heel he was so enamoured with them one Member of Parliament recorded that ‘the silliness of the King, playing with his dog all the while and not minding the business.’

Could our future King of England end up smitten with a Royal spaniel?


Caesar was such a loved dog he accompanied King Edward VII everywhere including on the King’s last journey to be buried. This small, scruffy fox terrier had a bit of a reputation for getting in trouble and could command the attention of an entire police force when he decided to do a runner into the woods for a bit of fun.

There’s something to be said about the love between a person and their dog and true love couldn’t have been sweeter in this case. King Edward even commissioned Carl Fabergé to design a Caesar trinket for his wife proudly displaying his collar that stated ‘I am Caesar. I belong to the King’.

Could this be a potential wedding gift for Kate?


Prince William may have a fondness for Labradors but the most famous of the Royal pooches has to be the Queen’s corgis.

Her father, King George VI, was responsible for introducing these affectionate, working dogs to the family when Dookie and Jane were adopted in 1933. The Queen was presented with her very own corgi, Susan, for her 18th birthday and the love affair has continued to this day.

But the most exciting thing this Belle has heard, through the Twitterverse, is the possible attendance of the corgis at the Royal wedding….this is like Christmas, Easter and birthday rolled into one for me.

The mere mention of a Royal four-legged friend bearing the wedding rings is enough to make me prance around like a puppy. Please, please let it be true!

Gosh but this does pose a problem…what does a furry ring bearer wear on the big day?

by Kitty Nine
[picture credits:Jibba Jabba]
Miss B

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