Top TV Dinners: Food-Match Your Viewing

TV DinnersWith Spring still a long way off and with most of us still shuddering in our living rooms, it’s a good job we’re hitting something of a sweet spot – quality TV-wise. There’s just so much good stuff on!

From the tudor twists of Wolf Hall, to the masterpiece that was Breaking Bad’s spin-off Better Call Saul to sumptuous period drama Indian Summers.

And the only way to enjoy this visual feast is with a matching edible treat of equal quality. So here are our tips for TV gluttony!

BETTER CALL SAUL – As it’s set in New Mexico, you’re going to need something spicy to chomp on during this beastie. How about a pack of gourmet tortilla chips from Manomasa, £1.85 from Ocado? With flavours like tangy chipotle and lime, these are the real deal. Pair a bowl  with an authentic Mexican cocktail –a Paloma – made of tequila, grapefruit juice, a splash of soda.

WOLF HALL –If you want to do a medieval banquet in miniature, why not get your hands on a poussin? These tiny chickens are delicious spatchcocked and roasted quickly in the oven. Try Lyndsey Bareham’s harissa and lemon version for an exotic twist. Just channel your inner Henry and start ripping those wings off!

INDIAN SUMMERS – Get your own Days of the Raj vibe going on in the comfort of your living room with a quick, zingy and (whisper it), very healthy salmon curry. Delightful Aussie chef Bill Grainger has got just the job. Pair this with a traditional mango lassi from Nomadic, £1.49 from Tesco and Ocado

HOUSE OF CARDS – Scheming Frank Underwood loves to indulge in a bit of BBQ in between plots. Fix yourself up with a juicy delivery from pulled pork specialists Bodeans – now in four different locations across London. After all there’s no time for cooking here, you need to focus on what that new President’s up to.

Rebecca Wright

With one foot planted firmly in the world of real life journalism and her other toe dipping into the delights of food and travel writing, Rebecca likes to mix it up a bit.
A journalist with over ten years experience, she’s a Londoner born and bred and admits to a weakness for kitsch, cooking and la vie francaise.
Rebecca’s got an insatiable curiosity (read nosey parker) and loves nothing better than meeting new people and discovering new worlds.


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