Keeping Kids Healthy As They Head Back To School

Keeping kids healthy for the school year with Belle About Town

With the kids and their teachers now back at school – with stationery supplies fully stocked and uniforms sorted for another year – our attention should turn to potential problems that are may arise over the course of the coming school year. Learning day after day in a tight-knit environment, it’s vital that parents are conscious of the health issues that often arise, causing pupils irritation, pain and, crucially, time out of the classroom.

It’s not just parents and children that need to get ready for the illnesses and ailments that crop up every school year, teachers should make sure they have the right products and treatments to prevent them coming down with unwanted medical issues themselves.

We spoke to Hitesh Dodhia, superintendant pharmacist at, for his advice on the most common infections and ailments to look out for, and try to prevent, to ensure a healthy year ahead for all. Here’s what he told us:

“There are many illnesses and ailments that can arise during a school year as a result of so many people being in such close proximity for most of the day. But the fact is, most are avoidable. To save yourself from these inevitable troubles, stock up on the correct medical products to treat some of the most common problems that arise around schools every September.” Here are Hitesh’s top 10 school year problems to be prepared for, and how to deal with them:

  1. Allergies – ensure both the teacher and pupil have access to emergency medicines – perhaps consider the NHS’ Electronic Prescription Service to save time
  2. Asthma – make sure your child has access to the right inhaler to avoid shortness of breath in class and in P.E lessons
  3. Head lice – prepare your child with conditioners and combs ahead of the almost inevitable letter
  4. Hay fever – if needed, always have nasal sprays and eye drops on hand
  5. Sun burn – make sure your child is well covered with the right factor for the first few months
  6. Insect bites – have the most-commonly needed creams on hand to resolve any playtime itchiness
  7. Bumps & grazes – the right plaster or bandage can really calm an injured child
  8. Cold & flu – daytime and drowsy syrups can soothe symptoms, making the classroom and night-time more bearable
  9. Headaches – painkillers can be helpful in relieving pain and muscle tensions
  10. Sore throats –paracetamol, ibuprofen medicated lozenges and anaesthetic sprays can reduce irritation and discomfort

What are your top tips for keeping kids healthy as they head back to school? And what do you dread? Comment below or join the debate on Facebook here

Emily Cleary

Emily Cleary

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