Fragrancing Your Home

PicMonkey CollageThere isn’t a more comforting feeling than walking into a beautifully scented house. A well fragranced home not only banishes nasty smells, but makes life better – whether you’re relaxing in your lounge, have a bath or reading a book in bed. But, gone are the days when a supermarket air fresher would suffice. Now the market is full of luxury candles, room sprays and reed diffusers to ensure your house smells as good as you do. Here is Belle About Town’s guide on how best to fragrance the different rooms in your home.

Living room: Nothing oozes the scent of decadence than Baies Scented Candle, £40, by Diptyque. As soon as you light this candle, your room will be filled with the rich and fruity scent of summer berries. Candles are best for a living space because you can light them as and when you are using the room. This is a great candle to burn when you have company over as the fresh and sweet fragrance will  keep your home smelling inviting. Buy it from

Bathroom: The Pomegranate & Raspberry Reed Diffuser is just what you want to smell when your having a relaxing bath or doing other business in the loo. This reed diffuser, £15, by The Body Shop steadily releases the fruity aroma of pomegranate and raspberry throughout the day and lasts up to eight weeks – which is great for the bathroom  as its ensures it always smells nice – no matter who has used it. This fruity aroma is made with essential oils which truly helps uplift the senses. It is made with recycled glass so it is also taking care of the environment too which is always a bonus. Buy it at


Bedroom: The excesses of life often creep up on us. Whether it’s too much work or stress,  we all need a quick pick-me-up. Give your soul and your bedroom a lift with Temple Spa’s Spiritude body mist spray and room essence . The wonderfully energising fragrance, £24, is just the thing when you need help to lift flagging spirits. It makes a great wake up call in the morning – but is also a beautiful scent to smell before drifting to bed. Simply sprits this uplifting cocktail of Mediterranean essential oils on your body and all over your room to energises your soul. A spray is the best thing to use in a bedroom because it allows you to control how much fragrance you want in the room – a must to avoid overpowering scents. Buy it at

Hallway: Anyone who knocks on your door will not want to leave when they catch a whiff of the Rosewater Home Fragrance Reed Diffuser in your hallway.The postman will be praying he has letters to deliver to your door as this reed diffuser, £25, by Crabtree and Evelyn fills your entrance with this lovely scent of rosewater, violet, florals, and musk – without being too overpowering. Reed diffusers are a great way to fragrance the hallway because it slowly releases the beautiful scent all by itself. The wonderfully designed bottle also looks great – and will no doubt receive admiring glances from your guests. It provides up to three months of continuous fragrance so you can simply pop it on the shelf and enjoy. Buy it at

Kitchen: Banish food smells with Yankee Candles’ Electric Plug-In and Refills. Electric Plug-Ins,£5.99 are a convenient way to enjoy your favourite  Yankee Candle scent in multiple locations. Simply pop your favorite refill scent and enjoy. The Garden Sweet Pea Refill,£5.99, is great for the kitchen as it fills the room with the sweet perfume of delicate blooms with hints of pear, peach, freesia and rosewood. Buy it from

Aamina Zafar

Aamina Zafar

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