10 Top Tips For A Happier Life

happy girls laughing smilingWhat is happiness? This is one of the big life questions behind, “why am I here?” and “what is my purpose?”. Happiness can mean different things to different people. It can be having a chocolate fudge sundae on a hot summer’s day, to playing with your baby. There is one common denominator, living life on your terms.

Sophia Husband, the chief go-getter at SophiaWorld and known to many as the bubbly motivational speaker, has released her latest book, Be Happy, a little book bursting with positivity and motivation, which helps you wake up with a smile. She specialises in mindset and has a passion for helping people to discover their real self and feel confident about projecting this out into the world. She is also the host of the lifestyle and freedom mindset podcast the Go-Getter Me show. Here she gives her top 10 tips for having a more meaningful life:

1. Get honest with what makes you happy.

2. Happy mind, healthy body. Everything is interconnected. So if you are worrying, or thinking negative thoughts this will also affect your physical being.

3. Know when you need to take time out and just be still. Imagine that you have a Green Room that you go to from time-to-time, to download your thoughts; be free of judgmental thoughts. It is a safe place where you can get clarity again.

4. Have a vision, a goal, something to aspire to. Imagine that you have a White Room where you go to put your visions and goals. Here there are images, and details that describe your visions. There are also sensors in the room that are connected to you. They are touch, smell, sound, taste and sight.

5. Life is a series of episodes. Within each episode there is a beginning, middle and an end. During the middle part, you may have moments of despair. But know that everything always has away of working out at the end.

6. Joie de vivre or Joy of life. One of the secrets to living a happy life is to find joy in the moment. This comes from really being in the present, focusing on where you are now.

7. There is a French word called jouer, meaning to play. Learn how to play and have fun – it’s hard to be happy when you’re serious all the time.

8. Be a go-getter. You are a co-creator, you can make things happen.  At first you may not be sure where to begin, but start by asking the questions: “How can I?” “What do I need to learn?” “Please show me the way…”

9. There is always a different road. If something is not working out, ask: “Is there something that I need to understand?” Maybe you need to visit your “Green Room” for clarity (see 3). If you truly believe in the vision you will find a way for it to happen.

10. Become a Single Important Person (S.I.P). A S.I.P recognises that they are a person and so they owe a duty of care to their own wellbeing. And by doing this, this will put them in a better position to support others in their many different life roles.

Miss B

Miss B

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