Lifestyle Trends For 2014

2014 trendsIt’s a new year and  we all be looking for those new experiences to make us feel better, special or just for something a little different.

For those who like to be early adopters, these are the trends that you may see coming to the UK in the next 12 months.

Wobbleboard yoga
Indoboard yogaWe might not have the beautiful weather and ocean for paddleboard fitness classes to make it big in the UK so the next big thing is taking the principles indoors. Wobbleboard yoga is becoming popular in the US.

Eatertainment eateries

ultraviolet-restaurant-shanghaiWe have had the pop-up, the limited menu, the tasting menu only restaurants and now just food is not enough. Restaurants are coming up with new and novel ways of engaging the diners other senses for an inclusive experience. From rooms that change temperature, lighting, visuals and waft through smells to interactive live chats with the suppliers of the produce while you eat, it is taking food to the next level.

Crossed food

food trendsFirst there was the cronut now it seems that you can’t have a food trend without combining two foods to make one unusual, delicious but ultimately desirable food trend. While Max and Caroline in 2 Broke Girls may have crossed fries and frosting, a more realistic trend is Smorgasburg Brooklyn’s Ramen burger, where noodles replace the bun, just one of the combinations hitting it big! The big prediction for 2014 in the States is the gourmet ice-cream sandwich – personally we’d like to see the Japanese/US version, the mochi ice cream!

Wellness Coaching

CoachingThis goes one step further than a personal trainer or life coach by combining them. Working with your physical and mental state to ensure a better you more people will look towards these integrated certified professionals.

Creative Tourism

yoga-safariTravellers are no longer satisfied with their two-week holiday being just about the destination. Now they want an engaged,unique and authentic experience as well. From learning a new skill, and seeing the genuine local culture to giving back to the country they are visiting, it is all about coming back with memories that are more than just a nice beach.

Miss B

Miss B

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