Hassle-free Travel With Luggage Concierge Service

young-female-business-woman-at-airport-using-tablet-pcHave ever looked at those people at the airport who travel with no hold luggage enviously and thought how lovely it must be to breeze through without having to wait for luggage, heave it onto a trolley and push it around until you get through to your pick-up service?

And, for the money conscious, added fees for checked luggage and allocated seating on the budget airlines have become a costly caveat to thrillingly low air fares with enticing prices brought up to the cost of full-service airlines by these extra charges. More and more savvy travellers are now deciding to avoid the baggage carousel altogether to avoid the forfeit of hard-earned cash and the bother of pulling around cases and being delayed starting their holiday. By using First Luggage, the world’s leading international door to door luggage collection and delivery service, travellers have an affordable solution for their luggage to be picked up from home and transported anywhere in the world. All for a stress-free and cheaper airport experience with no fuss or hidden fees!

An annual study by TravelSupermarket, the price comparison website, revealed the extent to which budget airlines’ fees for “optional” services, including checked luggage, had risen. Thomson’s baggage fees charge has gone up by 47 per cent since 2012, from £15 per person per flight to £22, whilst EasyJet’s equivalent fee has increased by a quarter, from £14.50 to £18. Ryanair, Flybe and Jet2 have all raised their baggage fees by at least 10 per cent. The cost to check in an overweight item of hand luggage has also increased on several airlines – from £30 to £50 with Monarch (+67 per cent), from £30 to £40 with Flybe (+33 per cent), and from £130 to £140 with Ryanair (+8 per cent).The problem is a global one, with the top 15 airlines in the US collecting baggage fees totalling $3.5 billion in 2012 alone.

With baggage charges a constant concern, more passengers than ever are choosing to travel without luggage to save costs. First Luggage has long been at the forefront of convenient baggage transportation, finding innovative ways to enable customers to enjoy the holiday experience from start to finish. Now, with the new Luggage Delivery Company service, those travelling within Europe can find an affordable and practical way to save money and still travel like a VIP. Luggage can be collected anywhere in Europe and delivered to a chosen European destination without hassle or stress. Customers have complete peace of mind throughout the journey as deliveries are securely tracked along the way by state-of-the-art technology with email, SMS and telephone alerts available.  Offering prices per bag, customers can rest assured there’ll be no extra costs to break the budget!

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