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Belle About Town explores the wonders of sicily

Italy has to be way up there on any travel fan’s bucket list. There is the incredible nature including beautiful beaches, lakes and volcanoes, the cities full of history, friendly people and world famous (and delicious) food. Whilst you should certainly make time to see Venice, Rome and the other world famous holiday destinations Italy has to offer, you should also bring your attention a little further south- to Sicily. This island has so much to offer its visitors, and is often forgotten by those who go directly to rhe main land- but if your looking for an authentic, low cost and truly dazzling trip Sicily can give you all this and more.

Isola Bella - The pearl of the Ionian Sea, one of the wonders of Sicily

Isola Bella – The pearl of the Ionian Sea


For the adventurous travellers amongst you, Sicily’s landscapes let you choose between different exciting water activities, hiking in the beautiful surroundings or even up the active volcano if you’re brave enough!

For a day out and about, it is worth checking out Taormina. You can even avoid driving by taking a cable car between the beach and the town up above on top of the cliff so you can focus on water activities and then catch a ride back to the town for a bite to eat. Depending on the day and how much you want to explore, you can go from a day spent on the beach to exploring the medieval streets of the town including a stop at the ancient Greek Theatre.

If you are in Catania, Mount Etna is a perfect place to explore, reach new heights and take in the views. The volcanoes in Sicily make for the perfect snow and sun sports and adventure. And can be very exciting if you are travelling with kids.


If lying on the beach, soaking in the sun and enjoying the sound of the water sounds good to you, Sicily is just the place. There are so many seaside spots to relax all over the island, and depending on where you are staying, you might even have a beach on your doorstop.

One of the most talked about beaches in Sicily is Mondello Lido, which is worth a €8 EUR payment for a spot in the sand. Worth noting, after sunset the seaside is a prime spot for some late night partying with bars on the beach where you can dance, have a few cocktails and watch the sun set (and maybe also rise!)

Arancini is one of Sicily's finest dishes. Belle About Town's guide to the wonders of Sicily.Food

The Sicilian cuisine is especially distinct, staying true to traditional recipes and ensuring everyone remembers what he or she ate while spending time there. The whole Italian experience just would not be the same without food, and Sicilians take this very seriously. The seafood is incredible and fresh whereas the inland restaurants focus on meats and cheese and of course pasta. There are many specific dishes that come from Sicily, including Arancini (large balls of rice, fried and filled with a variety of flavours), which you can eat as you, explore the towns and cities. The sweet dishes are also something that you’ll dream about once back home. A Sicilian favourite has to be the cannolo with sweet ricotta and orange, the flaky pastry and fresh sweet filling are just so much better when bought from a tradition Sicilian pasticceria. But if that’s not to your taste, freshly made gelato with whipped cream is sure to hit the spot.


Sicily has gone through and seen history that we can only begin to imagine. In fact, outside of Greece, you can find some of the best-preserved Greek temples and theatres in Sicily.

The Valley of the Temples is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must see! Here, you can imagine what the ancient monuments stood 2,5000 years ago. You can walk around and enjoy the added view of the olive trees, citrus groves and vineyards surround the area and then lead you down to the sea.

If you’re still stuck for where

there are local companies such as Wishsicily that have articles offering advice on where to stay in Sicily, all depending on what you are looking for. Many visitors choose to hire a car in order to be able to visit different destinations, as public transport is not very easy to manage in Sicily. You can create any combination of adventure, beaches, food and history no matter where you are on the beautiful island of Sicily.

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