Avoiding Post Holiday Blues

So the suitcase is back in the loft and the tan-prolonging aftersun you’ve been applying daily is down to its final squeeze. Brown crunchy things that look suspiciously like autumn leaves keep appearing in your garden and nights are drawing in.  Friends and colleagues have now stopped telling you how ‘well’ you look.  It’s all a bit grim.

If you’re anything like me, the weeks following your  holiday are spent feeling a bit flat, convinced 9-5 office jobs are for fools and that a decent living can surely be made peddling a barrow of coconuts on a beach.  Don’t despair friends, here are some handy tips for coping with life post-sunlounger:

1. Start a part-time course obviously the natural choice is a language, imagine how great it would be to order your drinks in Greek, Spanish or Italian!  Plus you’ll bag some discounts with your new NUS card, useful for recouping some of the cash you frittered on glass-bottomed boat trips and jet-ski rides.
2. Raid iTunes for any song that vaguely reminds you of your trip away (‘ah that’s the one they played during aqua aerobics!’). Anything mentioning ‘sun’, ‘beach’ or Spanish sounding is good.  An Ibiza compilation should cover it.
3. Continue to wear flip-flops adorn your hair with floral accessories and refuse to acknowledge any item of clothing with sleeves. It’s really not that cold and you don’t look ridiculous at all.
4. Print off your holiday snaps and create a cheery montage of you enjoying various cocktails against a Greek sunset.  Sure to raise a nostalgic smile once the dark nights set in.
5. Stock the fridge with olives, stuffed vine leaves and chorizo or seek out your local Greek/Spanish/ Italian (delete as appropriate) restaurant.  You may not be able to enjoy stunning sea views as you eat, but the Ouzo will still taste as rank.

If none of the above help look on the bright side, why not embrace the new season with a hair overhaul?  Time to admit the ‘sun-kissed’ locks you’ve been sporting are the consistency of hay and  reminiscent of a tortoiseshell cat.   Just think what else autumn and winter have to offer – shops-full of lovely clothes, (long boots and cosy cardigans), nights in front of the TV (X Factor and Strictly are back), and the run-up to Christmas…

OK where are those holiday brochures? I hear the Caribbean is nice in January and I’m never going to become a successful beach bar proprietor without further research.
by Lindsay Narey
[picture credits:Barbara Helgason | Dreamstime.com; ]
Miss B

Miss B

Miss B is a Belle About Town who likes to bring a little bit of style into every aspect of her life. An experienced journalist with over a decade in the industry she turned to the web to fill a gap for tech-savvy stylish women who want the best life has to offer at their fingertips. She loves a decadent cocktail bar, a beautifully cut dress, the perfect pair of heels, quality over quantity and is partial to Asian-fusion food, enjoys holidaying in the sun and shopping breaks to New York. But her first love is of course London!


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