8 Incredible Views… From Hostels!

Time was that the mere mention of the word hostel left you feeling itchy and unclean, with visions of bunk-bedded dorms full of creepy crawlies and drunken travellers. The image of a hostel was not a pleasant one, and the idea of staying in a hostel was certainly not a tempting one unless you had a yearning to relive the youth of your gap year.

But times have changed and so, thankfully, have hostels. No longer the last place on earth you’d like to spend a night, many hostels can actually offer everything you’d get at a nearby hotel and more, and often at a snip of the price. From historical cities to breath-taking sea views, we’ve compiled 8 of the best hostel views.

PLUS, Florence, Italy

Thanks to its ideal central location in the city of Florence, this hostel is not only a great base to explore the city, but offers a view that overlooks the heart of the Tuscany’s iconic sights. Its rooftop terrace is just one of its ideal facilities alongside a Turkish bath, a steam and sauna room, indoor and outdoor pools and an on-site restaurant. Average Price p/p per night Private Double room: £69.15 Single bed in mixed Dorm of 8: £19.02

The Hat, Madrid, Spain

You can soak up every last drop of Spanish sunlight on this hostel’s spectacular rooftop: start your morning right with an al fresco breakfast overlooking a sea of terracotta rooftops. After a long day exploring Madrid, you can kick back with a jug of Sangria at the rooftop bar and watch the sun set over the city. The rooftop is the sociable heart of this hostel, and the best place to relax and hatch plans for the next day with your fellow travellers. Average Price p/p per night: Private Double room: £55.32 Single bed in mixed Dorm of 4: £13.83

Bambuda Lodge, Bocas del Toro, Panama

Winner of the Best Hostel in Panama in Hostelworld’s 2017’s HOSCAR awards, this hostel is located high up amidst a natural rainforest that grows up to 30 different kinds of exotic fruit trees. With its waterfront view and large pool it also hosts a 150ft water slide that takes you straight from the bar to the ocean. Average Price p/p per night Private Double room: £52.05 Single bed in mixed Dorm of 10: £14.11

Boutique Hostel Forum, Zadar, Croatia

Experience the beauty of Croatia from your bed at the unique Boutique Hostel Forum. With a guaranteed view of Zadar in every sized room, this hostel is a must for travellers with an eye for beautiful things. Average Price p/p per night Private Double room: £55.32 Single bed in mixed Dorm of 4: £13.83

Wild Rover Backpackers, Cusco, Peru

Surrounded by the Andes mountain range, Wild Rover Backpackers could not be more perfectly placed. You can sip your morning coffee on the balcony while breathing in the fresh mountain air and gazing over the historic old town of Cusco. Wild Rover also offers an extensive range of group activities, making it a perfect spot for sociable travellers. Average Price p/p per night Private Double room: £42.66 Single bed in mixed Dorm of 20: £8.13

Villa Manos, Santorini, Greece

Located in the famous Greek island of Santorini, Villa Manos is a picture of tranquillity. Whether on a couple’s retreat or on a relaxing break with friends, the spectacular scenery across the Aegean Sea from this hostel is undisputed. Average Price p/p per night Private double room with ensuite: £25.93 Private group room max. 6 people with ensuite: £60.52

Sunset Destination, Lisbon, Portugal

When you’re travelling on a budget, you can grow accustomed to thinking of stunning views and swimming pools as beyond the reach of your wallet. Thankfully, the Sunset Destination Hostel refuses to see the world like this. With gorgeous rooms that look out over the Tagus River, and a pool terrace that could rival any hotel, you might forget that you’re in a hostel while you’re here. Average Price p/p per night Private double room with ensuite: £44.95 Single bed in mixed Dorm of 10: £12.09

Casa Elemento, Colombia

This hostel is nestled high up in the Colombian Sierra Nevada Mountains. Famous for holding the official record for the world’s largest hammock, sit back with friends and take in a Colombian view that will leave you speechless. Average Price p/p per night Single bed in mixed Dorm of 7: £12.84

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