Wine & Chocolate Together. Just Yes!

October 21, 2016

Love chocolate? Love wine? How about chocolate AND wine in one carefully considered, masterfully selected, palate tantalisingly perfect combination? You’re thinking about it aren’t you? Did the [read more]

Godiva’s Melting Pots

March 20, 2014

There is nothing like a warm chocolatey dessert and these gorgeous melting pots are from Life’s a Praline, a new book of 50 Godiva inspired recipes by Juliette Nothomb, a Belgian cookery write [read more]

Guilt-free Chocolate Treats for Easter

April 19, 2011

We love Easter, not only does it welcome in Spring but gives us four days of work and valuable time with the family. But what is not so good is the extra pounds that you put on from overindulging in [read more]

Gift Guide For Foodies

December 20, 2010

Finding that perfect gift for your special foodie friend can be a nightmare – it is not like you can just get your run-of-the-mill Brie from Tesco!  So here’s some indulgent ideas ranging from a [read more]
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