Showbiz Roundup: Shhh, did you hear?

Shh 24Bauer’s Back

Jack Bauer is back and has bought all of the drama to our very own London! This is the first time that we will be seeing the popular drama 24 back on our screens since its original run ended in 2010. 24: Live Another Day was filming in Whitechapel, east London on Wednesday. Onlookers got to watch Kiefer Sutherland and fellow CIA colleague, Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) who is sporting a very sexy biker chick style black bob. Photographs shared by Digital Spy show Kiefer working alongside Mary and finding themselves amidst a Hollywood style car blast, but this time with our traditional black cab taking the brunt of it (sob)!  Other images indicate that Chloe is injured and Jack points a pistol whilst trying to get her to safety. In a previous interview, Kiefer talked about the new series, saying that 24: Live Another Day “aims to get back to that very personal first season”. He goes on to say: “Remember that episode in the first season when Jack was held up in that little construction shack because he can’t get outside? The whole episode he’s in there. It was awesome. Later on, Howard and I used to sit and drink and go, “I remember when it was small, man. When we were doing the drama, the stuff that made people feel.” You can catch the premiere episode of 24: Live Another Day on May 5th.

BradBradley Cooper To Play The Elephant Man

When you think Bradley Cooper, we imagine that your first thoughts are of the dapper characters he’s played, his devilish good looks, his six pack? Well no, your dreams will no longer be filled with the big blue eyes and cheeky smile that we are so used to associating with Cooper but instead you will forever more associate him with the Elephant Man. It was today revealed that Cooper will be swapping the bright lights of Hollywood for the Broadway stage, where he is going to be playing Joseph Merrick (the Elephant Man) in a theatre run. More interestingly, it turns out that the 39 year old will not be getting covered up in any prosthetics and will instead play the part of the disfigured character by trying to convey his deformity through physical movement alone. Cooper has played the Elephant Man once before in 2012, where he was on stage at Williamstown Theatre Festival and apparently can’t get enough!  The Independent reported on Wednesday that no further casting details or dates have been released, however production is expected to take place in autumn. We’re definitely interested to see how he pulls this one off! 

Zac Efron 2014Zac Efron “Never Happier”

The Hairspray actor, Zac Efron has appeared on the Today Show following his stint in rehab in March and has said that he’s never been happier than his is now. The 26-year-old actor completed several weeks in rehab for an alleged cocaine addiction as well as alcohol abuse. The show’s host asked him if there was anything that he wanted to share, to which he replied: “Just that I’m in the best place I’ve ever been, I’ve never been this happy before.” He appeared to be incredibly gracious and even thanked the host for asking. The star was alongside his upcoming co-stars, Michael B Jordan and Miles Teller to promote their latest comedy, That Awkward Moment. The movie definitely looks the closest thing to awkward, particularly in the scene that shows Zac lying across a toilet after taking too much Viagra. The Today Show interview then got slightly strange itself, with Efron then deciding to get friendly with a monkey. This 26 year old is just far too adorable.


Ashanti Accused Of “Homophobic” Comment

The popular U.S R&B singer is facing a major backlash from her friends and peers because of her supposedly homophobic Twitter comment.According to Gay Star News the comment was made by the Foolish singer after she took to Twitter for a rant. Now, we’ve learned that this is sometimes not the smartest moves for celebs but that doesn’t ever seem to phase them, Undeterred, the 33-year-old singer, who is currently looking to promote her latest album Braveheart, was on the social networking site to comment on the NFL Championships and said “Who y’all got??? Seahawks or 49ers???” A (brave) fan then replied back to the singer saying “Your flop single”. Ashanti’s comeback and what caused the stir was “@kicksb4rent don’t be mad at me cause u in the closet… Flop that ya lil b#tch lmao!” It was at this moment Ashanti then stared to see the backlash filter through to her homepage. Fans responses were tough, with one fan even going as far as to say: “I didn’t know u were homophobic like this. Being gay is no laughing matter And I was just rooting for u. Never again” Ashanti’s first album in six years is reportedly set to drop in the US on February 28th, but after this little outburst it will be interesting to see who rushes to their iTunes to download it…

BGTantdecAnt And Dec Win Landmark Award

Our favourite Geordie duo were the stars of the show at the National Television Awards on Wednesday. As usual, the pair deservedly took home the award for Best Entertainment Presenter, making it their 13th consecutive win and appeared thrilled once again. But then later in the evening, the award show took an unexpected turn and the spotlight was back on them. Ant and Dec were presented with a special Landmark Award, by This Morning’s Phillip Schofield. In a heart-warming VT, the best friends received messages from the likes of Robbie Williams, Simon Cowell, Sir Bruce Forsyth, one of their very own heroes, Alan Shearer and also Prince Charles! The heir to the throne said: “I believe the warmth and empathy that they show towards charitable causes, their viewers and their deep friendship with one another are as great achievements as their countless awards […] The nation has taken them to their hearts. Many congratulations on the first 25 years of your career.” The pair, originally known for their Byker Grove characters, PJ and Duncan, couldn’t contain their emotions when they took to the stage to give their thanks and accept the gongs and actually shed a tear! We’re thinking they were tears of shock at the fact notorious Mr Mean and Britain’s Got Talent boss, Simon Cowell, can spout nothing but praise for them, saying: “They are perfectionists. And they keep getting better. Which is really annoying,” Cowell also tweeted: “It’s ant and dec’s night tonight. So well deserved. I really like you guys.”

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