Showbiz Roundup: Shhh, did you hear?

ShhhhFresh Prince Of Bel Air Actor Dies

American actor James Avery has died. Most commonly known for his role as “Uncle Phil” in the popular 90s show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, James passed away on New Year’s Eve following complications that occurred during open heart surgery in an LA hospital. His publicist, Cynthia Snyder, confirmed to Sky News that he passed away on Tuesday in Glendale, California with his wife by his side. Avery’s character of Philip Banks won over audiences on both sides of the pond for six years when he starred opposite Will Smith in 1990 until 1996. Once The Fresh Prince had wrapped, the 68-year-old continued his acting career and starred in hit titles including Grey’s Anatomy and Star Trek Enterprise. Celebrities took to Twitter following the news, with his on-screen son Carlton, Alfonzo Ribeiro, saying: “I’m deeply saddened to say that James Avery has passed away. He was a second father to me. I will miss him greatly.” His on screen daughter from the show, Ashley Banks,  played by Tatyana Ali, also paid tribute to the her character’s dad, saying: “’James was my teacher my protector & the most magnificent actor. We’re feeling his loss very deeply. He’ll always be apart of me #JamesAvery (sic).’
Whilst Will Smith is still yet to comment, his wife Jada Pinkett Smith posted on her Facebook page on New Year’s Day to leave a tribute, saying: “‘Happy New Year everyone! I was hoping to start the new year differently but we have lost yet another friend. James Avery who we all lovingly know as Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince has passed. Our condolences to aunt Florence (mother), Miss Barbara (wife) and all those who loved him. Rest in peace James.’” Avery’s Fresh Prince character was recognised in a TV Guide’s 50 Greatest TV Dads of All Time poll, where his character was voted at number 34.

Brit and JTEx Boyfriend Justin Timberlake Is An Inspiration To Britney Spears

Britney Spears has done what so many struggle with, complimented her ex! It takes a strong woman to speak highly of an ex and Britney has spoken to USA Today and confirmed that Justin Timberlake is one of her inspirations. Brit claims that alongside Bruno Mars and Beyonce, JT was an inspiration: “Bruno Mars is so different and fresh, and Justin Timberlake is, too. It’s inspiring for me, and it makes people eager to listen to music, which helps everyone.”
Brit T (as they would now be known, we’re certain of it) met during their time on Disney’s, The New Mickey Mouse Club and subsequently got together in 1999. The relationship ended suddenly in 2002 and it Britney later told papers it was because they had wanted different things. There has been speculation throughout the one time pop princess’ career that some of the infamous low points were triggered by the split from Justin and an ever present question as to whether or not he was the reason behind her early noughties downward spiral.
JT’s career and credibility however rocketed following the split, when he also separated himself from pop band N’SYNC and transformed himself to have a cooler sound and secured himself as a leading figure within the industry. JT has been married to actress Jessica Biel since 2012 and was previously in a long term relationship with Cameron Diaz but almost twelve years on from the split, Britney can officially be classed as over it. It probably isn’t too hard to do when you look and sound like her with a Vegas stint under your belt. We’re definitely fans of her dignified approach!

prince williamPrince William to study at Cambridge University

Prince William will be heading to Cambridge University on a full time basis for ten weeks to study agricultural management, it has been revealed. We envision this trip to university to not be quite so similar to his last though, when he first attended St Andrews University in 2001 and fell in love with our now future Queen. The agricultural course has been created specifically to help him in his run up to running the land that he will soon take over from Prince Charles which comprises the Duchey of Cornwall Estate. cites the aim of the programme is to “show how businesses can speed up their efforts towards sustainability against a background of climate change and a shortage of natural resources.”
Not one to do things by halves, the course will leave him fully equipped to take on his Dad’s duties after he has had a minimum of 20 hours a week of lectures, as well as field trips and essays. Perhaps playing dad to Prince George isn’t enough right now but the course will start in January and run until mid March. It is at this time where Prince William is having a “transitional year” following his run in the RAF on the North Wales coast line of Anglesey. He will then decide his next public service role, or maybe remain the eternal student?

Lily AllenLily Allen Slams Pop Industry

She burst back onto our screens in full force in November by scooping one of the best gigs of the year – the John Lewis Christmas advert and Lily Allen is now summarising the industry in which she works in just a few short words. The singer who covered Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know for the now infamous “Bear And The Hare” surprised critics with her almost bird like (you heard the chirping too) voice on the track and for a short while it seemed motherhood may have changed her. Not likely. At the same time the track dropped into the charts Lily released another tune, Hard Out Here reminding us of the feisty, opinionated girl who’s attitude and ability to wear a girly dress with trainers  boggled our minds in 2006. Wanting to see in the year as she means to go on, she spoke to Esquire magazine, Lily said:  “I feel like when I was growing up and dreaming of being a pop star, it was the days of Britpop when things felt authentic and anarchic, and people were taking drugs and having a lot of fun and having sex with each other and it wasn’t fake, it was real. So excuse me if I found it a bit disappointing when I arrived and it was a bunch of sterile f***ing Botoxed idiots that stank of desperation.” Not one to ever follow the crowd, Lily also went team Miley Cyrus, a team that seems to only really have room for, well Miley Cyrus. Lily said: “I couldn’t say we are really great friends but I do really like Miley. She’s funny, witty and clever, I love what she does. I think her and Lorde’s album have had the most plays in my car this year.
“She’s probably way too busy for someone like me but yeah, I’d welcome the opportunity to work with her.” Somehow, it doesn’t seem right to imagine this mum of two twerking and having Miley’s tongue down her face, but watch this space.

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