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Shh 6 Dec 13Paul Walker Dies At Forty

Hollywood actor Paul Walker tragically passed away on November 30th, apparently doing what he loved most – racing cars. The Fast and the Furious lead was attending a holiday toy drive for his charity Reach Out WorldWide on Saturday when he was then pictured climbing into a red Porsche Carrera GT with his friend and financial adviser, Rodger Rodas. The car was seen shortly after with its front end wrapped around a tree and a lamppost and was engulfed in flames less than 60 seconds after the initial impact. An official statement on Paul Walker’s Facebook page confirmed suspicion saying, “It is with a truly heavy heart that we must confirm that Paul Walker passed away today in a tragic car accident while attending a charity event for his organisation Reach Out WorldWide… We appreciate your patience as we too are stunned and saddened beyond belief by this news. “The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s Office has released details of his death, saying that he survived the initial impact but died of “combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries”. The forty-year-old actor leaves behind a long-term partner of seven years, Jasmine Pilchard, and a fifteen year old daughter, Meadow. Walker’s co-stars and friends have been paying tribute to the actor and visited the site of the fatal accident. Tyrese Gibson, Paul’s The Fast And The Furious co-star was filmed at the site breaking down in tears and taking a piece of the Porsche’s debris, and later posting a picture on Instagram of the debris saying  “I will keep your energy with me forever #AshesOfAnAngel”. Other tributes came from Vin Diesel, who made an impromptu speech at the site of the crash, using the Sheriff’s car microphone, calling Paul his “brother”. Coroner reports show that speed was one of the contributing factors in the crash.

tom-daleyTom Daley Speaks Out And Comes Out!

Nineteen year old Olympic diver Tom Daley told the world that he was in a relationship with a man earlier this week, through a video post on YouTube. In the five minute clip, Tom confidently spoke out about his life, and how in Spring of this year he found somebody that made him feel “so happy” and “so safe”, and that “that someone is a guy”. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and on Wednesday Tom recognised this tweeting: “Thanks for your support. Still Tom. Still diving. Going for gold in 2016. What I am or who I date shouldn’t matter. #Road2Rio.”
The Splash star and Olympic medallist has lived through a turbulent and momentous few years, including having to overcome the death of his father in 2011 as well as being launched into the spotlight for his representation of Britain in the 2012 Olympics. Daley has been splashed (pardon the pun) across the newspapers ever since, with speculation rife over his love life and questions being asked about his close, female friends. In his post entitled “Something I want to say” Daley admitted that he did still fancy girls but that he’s “right now dating a guy” and he “couldn’t be happier”. Further to the video, Daley has received nothing but praise and support from the British public and also celebrities. Stephen Fry tweeted “I opened the second door on my advent calendar and Tom Daley came out. Seriously @TomDaley1994 congratulations. So happy for you”. It has since been revealed that Daley made the first moves on supposed boyfriend Dustin Lance Black. Splash will be returning to our screens next year.

Rita Ora To Star In Fifty Shades

Rita Ora has shown us all that she isn’t just a pretty face… or a superstar singer… or just taking on the world in general, Rita Orabut that she is also now an actress. The 23-year-old singer, famous for hit tracks including R.I.P and How We Do  has landed the role of Mia in possibly the most anticipated film franchise of the year, Fifty Shades Of Grey. The casting of the erotic novel turned movie has been closely followed by the media and the fans who are eagerly awaiting the full line up. Whilst Ora hasn’t landed a leading role, she was clearly excited about the role of Christian Grey’s adoptive younger sister. The casting has hit headlines since its two protagonist roles were announced, when initial leading man Charlie Hunman, dropped out of the role, citing “Family stuff” as his reason for leaving. Since then, super hot Jamie Dornan has taken on the risqué role of Christian Gray and Dakota Johnson is still set as leading lady, Anastasia. Hurry up 50 Shades, we’re far too excited to see Rita’s movie debut!

Britney SpearsHit Me Baby One More Time – Please!!!

Pop industry staple, Britney Spears, has shared some shocking news today, she is considering retiring. The blasphemous words have shocked fans in a way that only Britney seems able to do to us, although this time it has been in a much more subdued manner than the usual excessive way than we’re used to. No out of the blue weddings and record-breaking annulments, no head shaving and paparazzi attacking and not even through her victorious comeback. Britney was given the extremely prestigious offering of a two-year in-house stint at Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood. Other celebrities to have landed in-house Vegas roles include Elton John, who had a five-year run at Caesars Palace. The Work Bitch songstress said: “I might [retire], who knows… I may have two more kids and get married. I’d like to have more kids.” Britney, 32, has been in and out of the industry since childhood and has battled many demons whilst in the public eye and on camera. But the past few years has shown Britney has matured and brought her skills to a whole new level. The mum of two has recently fallen in love again, with a good Southern boy, David Lucado. Britney has spoken out about the positives of having a relationship with a guy outside of the business saying: “I feel like the chemistry kinda speaks for itself when you date someone out of the industry.” Britney’s latest album Britney Jean is on sale now, and the video for Work Bitch can be seen here.

Taylor Swift and Ed SheeranSwift Gives Sheeran The Green Light

Whilst unfortunately still not romantically linked, it seems that Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are a super close, talented couple. SO much so, that Ed always sends his tracks across to Taylor to get her approval as the first and foremost. The pair hooked up (musically guys, calm down) on Taylor’s fourth studio album Red with the beautiful Everything Has Changed. The duo  performed the song to millions during the time Sheeran supported her on the Red tour and also on primetime talent show The X Factor. Sheeran gained popularity when he released The A Team and has been unstoppable since. His latest track I See Fire has been released as the lead single for the second instalment of The Hobbit trilogy, The Desolation of Smaug. Our only criticism here is that Taylor Swift is a very busy lady racking up number one singles, winning lifetime achievement awards at the tender age of 23, and flitting from love interest to love interest to gather material for her next album, so Ed really should appreciate and seek advice on his tunes from an outside source. Such as an all-knowing, all-loving Belle…. You know where we are when you need us, Ed.

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