Showbiz Roundup: Shhh, did you hear?

Shhh 22 Nov 13Rita Ora Collapses At Photoshoot

Rita Ora was rushed to hospital on Tuesday after collapsing on set of a photoshoot in Miami. The 22-year-old singer, who was modelling on her first day of the “Material Girl” campaign, suffered heat exhaustion and dehydration according to TMZ. After passing out on set, Rita was hastily taken to her make up trailer and then carried out to an ambulance by stretcher. A medical team then took her to Mount Sinai Medical Centre in Miami Beach. Only five hours earlier Rita tweeted “”Happy 16th Birthday to the best brother anybody can ask for! Don Ora I love YOU!!”” The Material Girl line is sadly only available in US department store Macy’s at present and is created by none other than the original Material Girl, Madonna and her daughter Lola. You can check out the bright and funky collection HERE. It is inspired by London so at least we can feel connected somehow!

josh-duhamel--babyThe Baby Selfie

This week, the word “selfie” was announced as word of year by Oxford Dictionaries and celebs are showing us why. Some papped parents grabbed their cameras and shared the pics of their little loved ones. Belly dancer and industry sweetheart Shakira posted on Instagram the pictures of a family day out with her partner Gerard Pique and their beautiful baby boy. The couple welcomed their first child at the start of the year and by the looks of things, the times only get better!
Onto more baby news! We go from yummy mummy selfies to delicious daddy snaps! Josh Duhamel tweeted a picture of his and Fergie’s baby boy, looking effortlessly cool in his very own mini racing car. Baby Axl, born in August is probably going to steam ahead with the ladies much like his father, just look at him here! The picture’s caption reads “Babies! Start your engines!” it will definitely take a while to catch up with Axl in that racing car.

All SaintsReturn To The Nineties!

We’re unsure as to whether we’ve come across some sort of time warp to the nineties or we’re just dreaming, but it seems as though two iconic 90s favourites have burst back into our lives! The Backstreet Boys and All Saints have announced that together (eep!) they will be doing a special tour across the UK. All Saints were hugely popular in the 90s with four individual styles, unique voices and catchy songs that enabled the quartet to secure themselves as a firm pop favourite with 5 UK number one hits. The girls have split twice in their career – (once over who got to wear a jacket on a photoshoot!) but have reconciled and will be supporting the Backstreet Boys across their five headline dates. The Backstreet Boys tour, that we have to thank for this autumnal treat, will land them on British soil in the new year, following the recent release of their album In a World Like This. The boys seem eager to return, saying: “We’re really excited for our UK fans to see us again as a five-piece. The original Backstreet’s back!” We’re just excited for the Never Ever/Everybody remix…

Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence Gets Its Right

Jennifer Lawrence will be making even more girls jealous this week. Not only does she possess an Oscar, get to kiss hot guys such as Bradley Cooper as part of her day job and also play one of the most fierce, strong and desirable characters we’ve come across, but The Hunger Games starlet is the epitome of sexy – confirmed by Liam Hemsworth! Whilst we feel we could have told Liam that over a year ago, he decided to share his “knowledge” it on the red carpet of the hugely anticipated second instalment of the franchise, Catching Fire. Jen was recently reported saying that showing off too much skin isn’t that hot (agreed!) and when Liam was questioned on her comments he replied with “Just do what Jen does.” He continued to tell E! News about Jen’s comments: “I agree with her. I would say exactly that,” Well, if Liam Hemsworth thinks that that’s the best way for us to do it – who are we to argue? Now, where can we get that super cute pixie cut? 

Katy Perry new music vidoeUnexpected Katy Perry Video

Fans of Katy Perry can vouch for the shock that comes with watching the latest music video from one of our favourite crazy ladies. The release of her latest music video for the beautiful Unconditionally is unlike anything we have seen from her, with no gimmicks, cotton clouds or fireworks to be seen! The new track is taken from her most recent studio album Prism and is already set to be a chart-topper. Katy had a vision for the video to be centred around “beauty and glamour”. The video shows Katy’s emotional side whilst she sings into the camera the song that was inspired by current beau John Mayer. If their romance is anything as beautiful as the video, there will be a lot of jealous Katycats running around! Katy told Entertainment Weekly that, “Everybody has their things and you’re never going to be perfect, and accepting that and understanding that, especially in a relationship, it makes room for a real, genuine kind of love.”
Katy Perry recently became the most followed person in the world on Twitter, taking the title from Justin Bieber. Katy has well over 47 million followers and over 400,000 more than Bieber. Lady Gaga, Barack Obama and Taylor Swift are also in the 5 most followed.

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