Showbiz Roundup: Shhh, did you hear?

Ashton and Mila’s Romance Hots Up
They’ve know each other for 15 years so when Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis were seen out and about after his split from Demi, their excuse that they were just old friend was an easy one to believe. However it seems that there really is more to their relationship. The couple was seen openly kissing and cuddling as Mila joined Ashton at the wrap party for his new film Jobs.
Mila recently said, in an interview with Elle Magazine: “I am totally single… Listen, we hang out. We’ve known each other for 15 years. We have mutual friends. We’re comfortable with one another. That’s it! There’s no crazy love story, nothing more.”
She continued by saying she has problems finding a man to date: “Is a guy going to come up to me and ask if he can take me out on a date?” Well it seems that it is no longer a problem judging by the couple’s public display of affection!

New Fears For Jackson Clan
Matriarch of the Jackson family, Katherine Jackson, was reported missing to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department on Saturday by her nephew  Trent. The day before Katherine’s son, Jermaine Jackson, seemed to deny his mother was missing taking to Twitter to say: “I want to reassure everyone (inc all sudden medical experts) that Mother is fine but is resting up in AZ on the order of a doctor, not us. This is our mother and her health is paramount,” he added. “We are not inventing or plotting anything. We are following doctor’s advice. Period.” However on Sunday, Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael, confirmed that she was missing tweeting: “yes, my grandmother is missing. i haven’t spoken with her in a week i want her home now.” She went on to say: “if anybody sees my grandmother , please call the authorities or this number— (818)-876-0186 it’s the security number .. thank you so much.” And in a twist that seems to imply a deeper family dispute, she added: “the same doctor that testified on behalf of dr murray saying my father was a drug addict (a lie) is caring for my grandmother… just saying.” Now doesn’t your family relations seem so much simpler in comparison!

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson Fights Her Baby Weight
New mum Jessica Simpson has copped some flak for not regaining her figure in a nano-second as some Hollywood mums do. But, mum to baby daughter Maxwell is taking things slow and steady by joining weight watchers and walking her way to weight loss. “Just bought all the girls in my @weightwatchers group pedometers to track their steps,” Jessica tweeted last Thursday. “10,000 steps a day = 5 miles! Let’s step it up!” Talking about her new regime she told People Magazine: “There’s not a goal weight – I just want to feel normal and fixate on inches. I really want to set small goals, so I’m constantly reaching goals and not looking at something so far ahead.” A source close to the singer adds: “She understands it’s a process. She’s working very hard and she’s excited.” Nice to see a celeb struggling with the post-baby bulge like everyone else!

Spice Girl’s Olympic Size Rift!
Although fans were thrilled to hear that The Spice Girl’s were indeed going to reform to perform at the closing ceremony of London 2012, it seems that this could be their latest performance together – forever! Apparently Victoria Beckham only agreed to the come-back gig on the proviso that they never reform again. This has riled the other girls, and in particular Geri Halliwell, who has always had an up and down relationship with Victoria. A friend of Geri’s has said: “After the Olympics I can’t imagine even talking to her again, let alone being on a stage with her. Mel B. was right, she has lost the spirit of the band.” Originally it seemed that it was Posh Spice and Mel B that had an issue with a source close to Geri saying at the time of the jubilee celebrations when Victoria wouldn’t agree to a reunion: “None of us can understand why she won’t take advantage of these opportunities. Now is the time to be together again as a band and she and Mel B. can’t be in the same room together.” However a spokesperson for Victoria told MailOnline: “The Spice Girls have received some amazing invitations to perform over the last few years, however personal family and professional reasons mean this has not been possible, the Olympics is one more amazing opportunity but no announcement has been made or confirmation given, so this is nothing more than speculation at this time.” Watch this space as we suspect one or two of the girls may still have something to say!

Guess Who – Secret Gossip
[BlindGossip] Single Guy and Married Couple have been friends for a long time. You will often catch pretty photos of them hanging out together every couple of months. No, this isn’t going where you think it’s going. They are not a threes*me. Nor is Single Guy romantically involved with Married Girl. However, they do have a very interesting arrangement.
Single Guy is quite the package, so it’s not exactly hard for him to land an attractive woman. In fact, he always seems to have a new Single Girl on his arm. However, he is not the only one doing the selecting. Married Girl has a big say in Single Buy’s choice of mates. That’s because the bottom line is that the Single Girl is really for her. That’s right. The real couples here are: Single Guy + Married Guy and Single Girl + Married Girl.
So, now you know that whenever Single Guy breaks up with his Single-Girl-of-the-Month, it’s really because Married Girl has decided that it’s time. Married Girl is the selector of Single Girl, ergo the decision maker in Single Girl’s termination.
It doesn’t always go smoothly, though. Once the Single Girl is part of this lifestyle, the fame-by-association and the lifestyle can make it very difficult to leave. However, they always do go, thanks to a binding contract and a nice payoff.

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