Showbiz Roundup: Shhh, did you hear?

“It’s Over!”

For those of you too obsessed with all the sports going on to keep tabs on the biggest celeb stories of the past week, you missed some real gems! It’s splitsville all round, with some of the biggest showbiz couplings calling it quits. From the demise of Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson’s two-week engagement to Kelly Brook and Danny Cipriani’s reported rows over his impending move to Australia, there must be some major shift-age in the stars. But somewhat more shocking is 25-year-old Leona Lewis, whose romance with childhood sweetheart Lou Al-Chamaa – the electrician turned Sony exec she met when she was 10 – has gone down the gurgler. “The pressures of fame were just too much,” says an industry insider. “They were struggling to spend time together and it put a huge strain on things. They’ll always be friends, but it’s a tough time at the moment.” Despite her heartache over Lou, whom she once referred to as ‘the one’, the X Factor champ has been thrilling audiences in the UK at the moment with her Labyrinth tour. She even found the time to party at Mayfair’s Mahiki with Glee star Matthew Morrison, following her performance in her home town of London at the o2 arena. Well, she is a single girl now!

Call her Miss Tweedy!

Despite whispers from South Africa that the eternally optimistic Ashley Cole was hoping to woo her back après World Cup, Cheryl has made it patently obvious there’s to be none of that… with the help of Simon Cowell. At the London auditions earlier this week, Simon introduced his fellow X Factor judge using her maiden name. “Who would like to hear from Cheryl… Tweedy. It is, now, isn’t it?” he said, prompting a round of cheers from the audience. Cheryl has asked her pals and work colleagues to use her maiden name, although she has to wait until the divorce goes through before she can legally lose her ‘Mrs Cole’ moniker. However  that hasn’t stopped the singer from looking into having her ‘Mrs C’ tattoo removed from the nape of her neck. Anyone who hasn’t ever been through this several-months-long painful process, all we can say is Ouch!

Toxic Bad Boy

Oh Britney no! Following our recent report that the singer’s two-year romance with her agent Jason Trawick, was on the rocks, hot off the US press comes news that she is back in touch with her paparazzo ‘meltdown-inspiring’ ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib. According to US Weekly, Britney has been making secret calls to the 37-year-old Brit, despite a retraining order placed on him by her father James 18 months ago, forbidding him from contacting her or coming within 250 yards of her. According to the magazine’s source, Britney has told him she’s unhappy and wants to reunite with him. Er, what part of ‘he shared private voicemails and intimate details of your romance with the press’ don’t you understand?

It’s A Dog’s Life

An amusing anecdote from the bizarre world of Mariah Carey came to our attention this week. The singer is being sued by a notable veterinarian for the teeth-baring sum of £20,000. Prominent Manhattan vet Cindy Bressler claims Mimi has only paid £5K of a £25,000 bill for ONE MONTH of veterinary care of her three Jack Russell terriers, Cha Cha, JJ and Dolomite. Now before you ask, Bressler’s lawyer didn’t elaborate on the pampered pooches’ treatments, except to say she provided ‘extraordinary services’. Indeed. We do wonder if the month of ‘extraordinary services’ happened to be May, when Mimi was goo-ing via Twitter over darling Cha Cha’s new baby puppy, joking: “It’s a giiirl!!! Anybody want a beautiful Jack Russell puppy?” Even so, £25K for the birth of one puppy seems a bit extreme. Talk about puppy love.

by Justine Harkness
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Justine Harkness

Justine Harkness

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