Showbiz Roundup: Shhh, did you hear?

Staying Civil For The Kids
Another showbiz marriage bites the dust! Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli marriage  was long by Hollywood standards but then rumours started to fly that the Twilight hunk was stepping out on his Beverley Hills 90210 wife and last week Peter, 38, filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences”. The couple, who have three daughters together, Luca, 14, Lola, nine and Fiona, five, started dating in 1996 and had been married 11 years. ‘They’ve been working on the marriage for awhile,’ a friend of the couple told US Weekly. ‘It was not something they took lightly. It’s been over for months, maybe even a year. They kept up some sort of charade for their kids.’
And while it must be difficult, Jennie admits: ‘We are great parents together so when it’s about the kids, it’s wonderful. We make it very clear to them they don’t have to choose sides,’ she adds. ‘They can go wherever they want and be with whom they want.’
Jennie is even considering moving back to Los Angeles, so she and the girls live closer to where Peter is. ‘I want the girls to have more access to their dad,’ she says. ‘I like him to be able to pick them up from school. I just want everyone to be healthy and happy.’

Hilary DuffBeing A Yummy Mummy Takes Work!
Not all celebrity mums snap back into shape after having a baby. Singer Hilary Duff, 24, has admitted that  she is working hard to try and get rid of her baby weight, a month after giving birth to son Luca. The singer gave details of her postnatal workout on her twitter saying: ’20 minutes on the elliptical seems like an eternity!!! What the hell…’ Her fans were quick to congratulate her on how good she looked but Hilary responded by saying: ‘You should have seen what I looked like last week. Eek surprised I still have a husband!! It was time to throw them heels on guurl.’ And like many women who need a boost to feel good, she turned to the hairdresser for that feel good factor, posting a picture of her blowdry. We think she’s looking fabulous even if she isn’t a size zero!

Fergie Black Eyed PeasDiamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend
Black-Eyed Peas singer Stacy Ferguson, aka Fergie, is turning 37 tomorrow but she has already received a fabulous birthday gift from hubby Josh Duhamel. ‘I got some black diamonds from my man,’ she said. ‘Earrings. He’s really that good. He knows me,’ she added. The singer has been enjoying some time off from the band and while Will.I.Am does the Britain’s The Voice, Fergie has had a chance to focus on her fragrance and footwear lines. She is also loving having a normal home life instead of dealing with the rigours of touring and recording. ‘There is so much to do in my house, in every little corner. It’s just like anybody, it’s like one step at a time,’ she said. ‘I try to decorate one space and a pipe breaks or whatever – you know how it is.’ Yes we do!

Guess Who – Secret Gossip
[CDAN] Let me start off by saying that this actress is A list. Huge star. Academy Award winner. Quite possibly also the coldest person on the planet. The only emotion you will ever see from this actress is on the set. Even when she has something truly awful happen to her, she shows nothing on the outside. Rage on the inside and she will make you pay, but solid calm on the outside.
Anyway, our actress has been married before. She is also currently married. Our actress has had a plan from day 1. Not day 1 of her career, but day 1 of meeting another individual who became a central part of her life and changed her from someone warm and funny to the coldest person alive. He should know because he is the coldest man alive. He told her she needed a plan and in the first week they were together he made her list out hundreds of goals and objectives for herself. Everyday he drilled her on the goals and objectives and asked her what she had done about each one. The grillings could last hours and he hammered at her over and over. At first she was scared and wanted to leave but he kept her there. He basically turned her into a prisoner. She became a totally different person and became focused only on reaching those goals.
Fun was removed from her life. Everything had to have a purpose. There is no wasted motion or effort. If you go outside, you have to have a reason. When you hit a red carpet, there are certain things you must do everytime. The dress you are going to wear should not be about the way it makes you feel, but the message you are trying to share or convey. Gestures are not random, they should all be planned. Touching yourself or your partner or not should be planned. Our actress maps out every second of everyday.
After her split from The Controller, our actress got involved for a short time with a celebrity who is on everyone’s wish list. She fell for him hard for about three days. It seemed to last longer but it was three days. She just could not enjoy herself with a guy who was so free spirited and out of control reckless. This is an actress who just like in her public life plans everything in her personal life too. Sex? She knows exactly what she will do and when she will do it. She has three or four different programs that she follows. Her current husband actually gets no sex at all whatsoever. They sleep in separate bedrooms much as she did in her past relationship. She runs his life. He also used to be a free spirit, albeit one with some issues. Yes, she straightened those out, but has changed him into a machine. The actress believes that children are props that are used to advance a career and play a part in success. They are to be brought out and displayed when it is most advantageous. New movie? Bring out a child. New job somewhere? Bring out a child. Someone writes they have not seen a child in sometime, bingo, one of the people hired to look for such things brings it up and the child is produced the next day.
Our actress used to do a lot of drugs and booze. Now? Nothing. She eats barely any food and expects the same of her husband. Surprisingly though, despite his past issues she lets him have several drinks each night and even to smoke pot. She thinks it keeps him more docile. She has been beaten before by him when he was sober so she lets him drink and smoke but only in the house and without friends there. Friends? The couple has no friends. She got rid of his friends a long time ago just as her friends were banished when she met The Controller. Our actress has exactly one friend. Brought out now once a year for lunch. Her husband? None. Although he gets along well with the security guards.
Our actress has sex with exactly one person. Her trainer. Has been with him for years and years that way. Exercise and then sex without fail several times a week forever. Yes, it even goes back to her time with The Controller because he did not have time for such things. His only rule about the sex with the trainer? Had to be in the house and the trainer signed a brutal confidentiality agreement.
The one problem in the plan of the actress after all these years is that no matter how hard she tries she cannot make people go see her movies. She still has not figured out though that she might be the problem and not others. If a movie bombs she never speaks to the people involved again. If it does well. she basks in the glow and takes all the credit. With all the bombs she has had over the past few years most bridges have been burned. She is still working her plan, but now her career seems to be out of her control. Lately she has started to follow a new plan to get her in the good graces of the public. Dutiful wife and mother. The problem is after so many years of not caring, it is tough to believe that she really ants to be either.

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