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Robert Downey JrRobert Downey Jr Setting The Gossip World To Rights?
No one likes to admit that they are a gossip but we all like to hear the latest rumours and stories, particularly when they are about the rich and famous and Hollywood is no exception. Many a celebrity has been photographed buying and reading the latest gossip magazine whether it is a story about themselves or about their contemporaries and competition. Well someone in Hollywood seems to have gone one step further and started to confirm or deny blind celebrity rumours on gossip sight Crazy Days and Nights. The person, or people, who go by the handle Himmmm, got very vocal last week about some of the seedier side of Hollywood and the casting couch. ‘I have no issue with ANYTHING people voluntarily do in their private life as long as it is consenting – (kids and animals cannot consent!), and NOT hurting another mentally or physically,’ Himmmm said. ‘I’m no saint, especially in my youth but am close these days-lol.’ He went on to say:  ‘I do this for fun, and occasionally to try and right some wrongs (even my own). I don’t use an anon name because it’s false info I share… I have to be anon because it is TRUE! We ALL love Blinds and gossip because we’re human. Flawed, but human.’ With a few clues dotted amongst the comments, people started guessing who the insider could be and the common consensus at this stage seems to be that it’s Robert Downey Jr. The star, who spent time in jail for drug abuse but has now cleaned up his act, is well connected and respected in Hollywood and had his fair share of trouble in the past.  Regardless of who it is, they have certainly picked up some respect along the way for not letting abusers hide behind their fame. Read more about this on Jezebel.

George ClooneyGeorge Clooney Arrested For Human Rights Protest
If you didn’t love George Clooney before, you will now after he stood up for his values and beliefs and got himself arrested! The actor was protesting with his father outside the Sudanese Embassy in Washington for the Sudan government to stop killing its own people. ‘We are here really to ask two very simple questions,’ Clooney said just before he was arrested. ‘The first question is something immediate – and immediately, we need humanitarian aid to be allowed into the Sudan before it becomes the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. And for the government in Khartoum to stop randomly killing its own innocent men, women and children. Stop raping them and stop starving them. That’s all we ask.’ He was not the only one to be arrested for disorderly crossing a police line, faith leaders, human rights activists and congressmen were also charged. But girlfriend Stacey Keibler may have been upset to learn that she is not the main woman in George’s life. When he got to use his one phone call, he did not use it to call his girlfriend of eight months. ‘Who did I call? My mom. Nothing ever changes,!’

Gerard ButlerGerard Affair Ends Actress’s Second Marriage
Scottish star Gerard Butler has become embroiled in divorce proceedings after an affair with a young actress that ultimately resulted in the end of her marriage, it has been reported this week. ‘It was a very intense relationship. [She] had very strong feelings for Gerard, despite the fact that she was a newlywed at the time,’ a source close to the situation told ‘They would exchange heated text messages, emails and phone calls. She would drop anything to be with Gerard. The two would hook-up at his hotel when he was in Los Angeles.’ Ultimately her husband found out about the affair and called time on the marriage, the second for her, and Gerard entered rehab for addiction issues however the story doesn’t end there. Although the actress has not been named it has also been reported that her first marriage ended in divorce after she had an affair with rocker Dave Navarro, who was married to Carmen Electra at the time. ‘[Name redacted] had an affair with Dave Navarro that caused the end of his marriage to Carmen Electra. She told me about the relationship and we subsequently dissolved our own marriage,’ the woman’s first husband told

Charlize Becomes A Single Mum
Charlize Theron is the latest Hollywood actress to become a single mum. The 36-year-old South African Oscar winner announced that she had adopted a little boy. According to a source close to the actress, Charlize has always wanted to be a mum and is happy that she is able to do so on her own. ‘She has been trying to adopt a baby for a long time,’ the source said. ‘She has been very patient and has a great attitude. She’s ecstatic about finally becoming a mom.’ But she won’t be raising four-month-old Jackson completely alone, her mum Gerda will be helping out too.   ‘Everyone’s just been so lovely — it’s been really nice,’ Charlize told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show as she went onto to talk about how wrapping up her son seems to be the secret to her success so far. ‘I didn’t think I would be a fan of the swaddling, but the swaddling’s pretty amazing. It sort of looks a bit like a straitjacket — you’re like, ‘Is this child abuse?’ — but for some reason they just love it.’

Guess Who – Secret Gossip
[CDAN] There has been so much drama about horrible actors here this week, that I thought I would tell you about one of the good ones. Oh, he has his faults, but he definitely makes an effort to help others. He is an A lister on television on a very hit show and was in one of the best and most popular movies of the year last year.
Anyway, without any publicity on his part, our actor has made arrangements to purchase 25 tickets to each Lakers and Clippers game to give a chance for impoverished children and their families to attend games which they would otherwise be unable to do. He and his partner also founded an organization which provides after school activities in the arts like music, ballet and drama classes for kids after school. They pay for all the salaries of the instructors and any supplies needed by the kids are also paid for through their efforts.
They have made sure these kids and families have school supplies, Christmas presents and have even paid for birthdays for over a hundred children. The great thing about this, is they have done it all quietly without asking or seeking any attention for their actions.

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