Showbiz Roundup: Shhh, did you hear?

It seems that David Beckham got into a bit trouble in LA at the weekend. Footballer David and son Brooklyn got involved in a multi-vehicle pile-up on a busy LA highway but  neither of them were hurt in the collision. The pair who were wearing seatbelts were said to be shaken by the car accident but it wasn’t serious and luckily pregnant Victoria and the couple’s two youngest sons were not in the car at the time of the accident. ‘In fact, the biggest commotion was when people realised it was David Beckham,’ a person at the scene said. And it seems that it certainly wasn’t a big enough deal for Posh Spice to cancel the baby shower the next day put on by her actress pal Eva Longoria and Hollywood hairdresser Ken Paves. Fashion designer Victoria got into the full swing of the party by joining in making dresses out of toilet paper and even tweeted a picture of her swathed head to toe. The star-studded affair was attended by around 30 guests including Demi Moore, Nicole Ritchie, and Selma Blair. She obviously enjoyed herself tweeting ‘Such a lovely day!!!thank u so much @EvaLongoria and @KenPaves for being such wonderful friends. Baby showers are so much fun!!!!!!!x vb’

Madonna has said goodbye to her latest toyboy after he was uninterested in taking up Kabbalah for the Material Girl. Hip Hop dancer Brahim Zaibat, 24, has returned to his home in Lyon in France after splitting from the superstar but his friends and family seem to be happy that Brahim is single again. ‘Brahim’s family had told him they did not want him going to Kabbalah meetings and wanted him to stick to his Muslim beliefs, which caused some rows,’ a friend has revealed. ‘Things started to turn sour and they were hardly seeing each other. Brahim has been home and he’s a single guy. He’s no longer an item with Madonna. He’s very happy. There’s nothing more to say.’ But Madonna won’t be wasting time missing him, after all she is far to busy trying to launch the pop career of her daughter Lourdes. After helping her 14-year-old offspring launch a fashion career, Madge is now pushing her into music by getting her to record a song for her upcoming movie about Wallis Simpson. ‘Madonna hopes Lourdes will step into her shoes and become one of the biggest female artists in the world,’a source close to Madonna says. ‘She’s the perfect mentor for her daughter and is keen to assist her first steps into the industry. Lourdes has a great voice and plenty of character – like her mum.’ Lets hope that Madonna doesn’t help her launch a sex book next!

Sexy superstar Cameron Diaz has declared that the institution of marriage is dying. In an interview with Maxim magazine, the 38-year-old actress  said that the nature of relationships between men and women are changing. ‘I think we have to make our own rules,’ she says. ‘I don’t think we should live our lives in relationships based off old traditions that don’t suit our world any longer. Cameron, who has dated some of the hottest men in Hollywood, continued saying: ‘Guys need women who challenge them and don’t let them get away with their s**t. Women, conversely, need to not be crazy bitches who blow up when their guys tell them something that scares them.’ And while Cameron may have a point, after Kate Middleton’s royal wedding last week, we suspect that many women are not willing to give up on the dream of being a princess, even if it is for just one day!

One person who still believes in the sanctity of marriage, despite a messy split with his second wife is musician Paul McCartney. The former Beatle has confirmed that he and long time love, New York socialite Nancy Shevell, have got engaged. The pair, who got together in 2007, have actually been long term friends knowing each other during their first marriages.  ‘It was her that he turned to when the whole Heather Mills nightmare was going on,’ a friend revealed. ‘She was a shoulder to cry on and then they realised their feelings were changing.’ And McCartney doesn’t just believe in wedded bliss but he also trusts his new bride-to-be so much that he hasn’t insisted on a pre-nup, despite losing millions of his fortune during his bitter divorce from Heather. Instead the pair have signed a simple agreement to protect the trusts of his children and grandchildren. We wouldn’t blame him for being once bitten twice shy though.

No child thinks their mum is cool – just ask mum of six Angelina Jolie. She has revealed that her brood can be pretty harsh critics of her work. ‘They’ll sit in a room and say, “That’s just not funny,”‘ she told USA Today. She also said that they thought that her co-star Jack Black in Kung Fu Panda was ‘cooler’ than her.  But rather than trying to impress who large bunch, she embraces their opinions. ‘We’ve got kids of all ages so we joked that we had our own focus group,’ she said. And she even took them along when she was recording her part as kung fu master Tigress ‘When they’re there and they hear you making kung fu sounds and jumping around, you can see them giggling through the glass it makes you go that much further.’ But the subject matter covered in the cartoon, adoption, was also one close to Ange and Brad Pitt’s heart as three of their six children were adopted. ‘I wondered how they’d respond to the themes of the film,’ she admits, adding that she and hubby Brad were ‘sensitive to see if there was going to be a big discussion that night about adoption and orphanages.’ But they needn’t have  worried as the children didn’t feel the need. ‘That’s because we talk about those issues at my house all the time, very openly,’ she said. ‘We’ve had those discussions so often, they’re such happy, wonderful discussions.’


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