Showbiz Roundup: Shhh, did you hear?

Sexy Times On Twilight

Twi-hard fans got the fright of their lives last week when the Mirror published a story that its on- and off-screen main protagonist lovers had split. Yes, the real-life blood-soaked fairytale romance was coming to an end after Robert Pattinson turned up to an awards ceremony without his Belle Kristen Stewart for the second time in a row. The report claimed Kristen had been expected to attend the Country Music Awards in Vegas with her man, who arrived on his own, prompting a swathe of head-nodding and knowing looks from those who’d heard the persistent rumours they were on the rocks. But no, K-Stew was never slated to be at the CMAs and Rob was there to help promote his film Water For Elephants with Reese. So no need to go and simper under your Twilight-themed duvet just yet, as we hear the pair are still on and they haven’t split. Yet. Meanwhile the couple, who celebrated Kristen’s 21st last night, have been kept quite busy filming their wedding scenes in the Canadian mountains for Breaking Dawn, the final instalment of Twilight. The set has been put under police protection after snaps of Rob and Kristen’s honeymoon sex scenes were leaked onto the web. Bosses were ‘furious’ and issued a plea to fans to stop sharing the pictures, which is like asking a two-year-old to ignore that plate of Peppa the Pig cupcakes.

It’s Hardly Beliebable…

Another A-list coupling that was hit with a false split rumour last week was Justin Bieber and his teeny bobbing girl Selena Gomez. US tabloid rag the National Enquirer claimed Justin was two-timing Selena with little-known model Jasmine Villegas, who stars in his Baby music vid. Now the irony isn’t lost on any of us when you compare the universal devastation caused by a split between K-Patz to the universal cries of teenage joy were Justin and Selena to call time on their romance. But you’ve got to feel sorry for anyone linked to Bieber. Even Kim Kardashian earned herself death threats for appearing in a photo shoot for Elle magazine with the ickle lad. And poor Selena got her death threat stripes after she was pictured snogging him at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Without wanting to earn my own barrage of death threats, I can confirm the two are still together, but I hear they are ‘struggling to find time to spend together’. With him on tour in Europe and her in the US rehearsing for her own concerts, which begin in May, how do these randy teens manage to keep their hormones in check. Especially when I can confirm housekeepers at Liverpool’s Hard Days Night hotel found a number of abandoned phone numbers from girls in his room
after he left. Bless.

Neve’s Turn To Scream

Canadian actress Neve Campbell is currently doing the PR rounds promoting Scream 4, and during one such interview she reveals she believes in ghosts… because she’s seen one! Over to you, Neve: ‘A few years ago I moved into a haunted house in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, with some friends. It turned out that it was inhabited by the ghost of a woman who had been murdered there in 1991. Doors would repeatedly slam, windows would open and ashtrays would fly off dressers. Then there were times when the ghost would actually walk into the room. After a while it felt normal. I’ d pass her in the hallway and casually wish her good morning.’ The 37-year-old actress,  who lives in London’ s Islington and admits she loves trawling around the antiques markets in the Camden Passage near Upper Street, recently split from her Brummie husband of three years, John Light, whom she met on the set of Investigating Sex. No, I’ ve not heard of that flick either. But Scream 4 is back with a vengeance, reuniting Neve, Courteney and David, who are also joined by Kristen Bell, Julia’ s niece Emma Roberts and Hayden Panettiere. Director Wes Craven promises us a new ‘ twist’ in the tale, but to be quite frank that’ s the least we’ d expect. In any case, I’ ll be ignoring its release this week and plan on waiting until free on Sky, thanks.

Forget The Toffs, Pippa Can’t Wait To Meet Posh

With just a few weeks to go, wedding mania has gone over the top and now the official guestlist has been revealed (no, I’m not on it either), we’re pleased to report Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa has one goal in mind – to meet the Beckhams. Who cares about Elton, Guy Ritchie (Kate and Pippa’s sixth cousin once removed) and Rowan Atkinson, it’s Posh and Becks who have the Maid Of Honour in a tizz. ‘She’s a real fan,’ says a regal mole. ‘Both sisters love Victoria’s clothes, but Pippa’s really excited about getting to know them on a social basis.’ We have no doubt Posh feels the same. Meanwhile, the Beckhams will be undoubtedly pouring over a reported 22-page dossier for guests on etiquette. Aside from not wearing white or cream and turning off phones, royal etiquette expert Jean Broke-Smith tells The Mirror: ‘There will be champagne flowing and you’ve got to hold the glass properly, by the stem. During the formal dinner a lot of people won’t know how to use a knife and fork properly, let alone which cutlery to choose from. You must eat from the outside in and if you have a mass of glasses in front of you, it helps to know which to use. With tea cups, lift the cup not the saucer and hold it very gently with your index finger and thumb, returning the cup to the saucer after every sip.’ Ah the old Tetley two-step eh?

Jen Aniston Hearts George Clooney

What a great idea? A Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney romance! Perfect. In fact, in the latest issue of Red magazine, the delicious suggestion is posed to Jen in a new interview that she get hitched to George, just to shut everyone up about their personal lives. The actress roars with laughter, saying: ‘That would definitely shut up the world! I could call up George, say, “Hon, let’s just get hitched and have kids…” I should take George to lunch and we can figure out how to put an end to all this… Ha! Well… No.’ Oh you spoilsport, Jen. Still, it comes as no surprise to hear the eternally ‘unlucky in love’ star hates dating. ‘You have to normalise it,’ she says of trying to find Mr Right under the spotlight. ‘You would die otherwise. But no, I’m not a big fan of dating. I have dinner with male friends and it’s instantly, “that’s the new man”. The phone is ringing off the hook from your publicist saying, “Did you have dinner with so and so?” and it’s “yes, I did and no, I’m not”. So you sort of just meet people.’ You can hardly blame her after a recent blind date went wrong. Jen was taken out by a mutual friend on a date and after the silly mug kept grilling her over her former marriage to Brad, he made matters worse by asking if they should split the bill. Jen coolly payed the full bill and left, no doubt planning to berate her match-making pal as soon as she was out of earshot.

by Justine Harkness
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Justine Harkness

Justine Harkness

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