Showbiz Roundup: Shhh, did you hear?

Celebrities Tweet For Japan

Disaster movie director Roland Emmerich (Day After Tomorrow, 2012, Independence Day, etc) will be glued to the 24/7 news channels at the moment. The horrific jaw-dropping footage of the tsunami enveloping the coastline of Japan makes his special effects/CGI look very dated indeed. And while the world waits to hear the sheer scale of damage from this terrible natural disaster, a number of celebs have reached out, calling for help. Lady Gaga has designed a charity bracelet and raised half million dollars by donating one day’s worth of dosh from ticket sales and merchandise. Her creative director/stylist Nicola Formichetti is half-Japanese, which no doubt will have encouraged her philanthropy. Meanwhile, Twitter has gone viral with celebrities pleading to fans to help. Justin Bieber said: “Japan is one of my favorite places on earth…it’s an incredible culture with amazing people. My prayers go out to them. We all need to help.” Similar tweets came from Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian (who begged people to donate to the Red Cross) and Paris Hilton, who wrote: ‘The images on the news are breaking my heart. I am so worried for everyone in Japan. My thoughts are with you Japan. God bless you all.’ Even ‘meltdown of the moment’ Charlie Sheen managed to put together a tweet: ‘Curveball; Warlock edict; pain & devastation in Japan demands us all to dig deep & LOVE THEM VIOLENTLY Dogspeed my cadres of the Far East! c’. Er, okaaaay then.

If you’d like to lend your support, visit the Red Cross website.

Timberlake Swiftly Replaces Jessica With Mila

I heard a couple of months ago that Justin Timberlake was getting extremely cosy with Black Swan star Mila Kunis (who, I like to remind people, also starred in That 70s Show and provides the irritating voice of Meg on Family Guy) but couldn’t really tell you Belles about it until the situation with Jessica Biel was officially resolved. Now the pair have announced the end of their four-year relationship, I can tell you JT and Mila have been ‘very flirty’ since meeting on the set of their upcoming flick Friend With Benefits way back in September. The giggling couple presented an Oscar award together this year and JT told reporters on the red carpet that filming sex scenes with Mila wasn’t a hard task at all: ‘That’s an easy thing to do. I think I could speak for all the men in the world when I say that’s the easy part.’ But spare a thought for poor Jessica Biel, who threw JT a surprise birthday party for his 30th birthday on January 31. The actress gave a gooey gushing speech about how she originally ‘stalked’ him into dating her and why she’s ‘utterly head of heels in love’ with him. She must have known something was up when his response was to stand up and yell: ‘Yeah bitches!’ Oh yeah, he’s a sensitive new age guy. Cough.

Finally! A Mini Posh For The Beckhams!

Oh what joy! Can it be true? Is the world to be blessed with such excitingly ‘genuine’ news that Victoria Beckham is expecting a girl? Well, after a wild few weeks of speculation, no doubt fuelled by the fashionista’s recent appearance at Barneys New York to purchase pink romper suits, we can at last confirm to one and all that yes, SHE’S HAVING A GIRL THIS SUMMER! Whooh hoooh! An elated David Beckham said at an LA Galaxy luncheon: ‘We’re still in shock. Obviously, having three boys, you kind of expect another one, so finding out a little girl is in there is surprising, but, obviously, we are over the moon.’ Awesome. Last month, Posh said: ‘We have so much testosterone in our house, it is crazy.’ Yes, indeed, but only when you’re related to them by blood… I sure wouldn’t moan about having David’s testosterone floating about my person…

J.Lo’s Placenta Facials Back In Vogue

I recently published a story in Now magazine, confirming that Jennifer Lopez is still hooked on her ‘extract of placenta’ face cream from Plazan Cosmetics. After sheepishly approaching Plazan for more info on the product (yes, they do indeed use a small extract from human placenta for the cream, but inside the EU they have to use pig placenta. Both are incredibly effective and absorptive due to DNA compatibility), their rep got back to me most enthusiastically, despite me reluctantly admitting the story was going to take an ‘ew gross’ angle. ‘Last time someone ran an “ew gross” story on our product, sales went up by 20%,’ he assured me. Two weeks after the story went on sale, Plazan are ‘run off their feet’ with new orders and now the Daily Mail and Channel 4 want to do stories. Should have got a commission! But it just goes to show the power of celebrity – and no one can doubt that Jenny from the block is looking totally hot at the moment on the American Idol judging panel. Shame she’s getting stiffed by her bosses over her pay, after it was revealed co-judge and Aerosmith rocker Steve Tyler is earning £4.5 million more than she is as Judge Jenny. Even though Tyler has turned out to be hugely popular among viewers and is well and truly justifying his whopping pay packet, execs didn’t know that when they signed up their judges, did they? Sexism is still rife in US telly, it seems.

Gwyneth’s A Stove Slave!

You may or may not be aware, but Tinseltown has been buzzing for the past few months with rumours Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are on the rocks. My spy network tells me he’s none too happy about her burgeoning music career and thinks it’s an insult to genuine artists for her to be singing at such high-profile events as the Country Music Awards and, more recently, the Oscars. Now she’s said to have signed a record deal, which has rubbed further salt into the wounds. But never underestimate the power of the publicity wheel. In a new interview with InStyle magazine, Gwynnie goes out of her way to prove they’re just a normal family and behind closed doors they lead a much less glamorous life. A typical weekend with Chris and their two kids Apple, 6, and Moses, 4, consists of: ‘Well, last Saturday night, I made turkey meatballs and we all had dinner together, then put the kids to bed and watched a movie on Apple TV. We always go out one night of the weekend because it’s nice for me to get out of the house. I cook so much during the week, it’s good for me to have a break and eat something that I don’t make, like sashimi or Indian food.’ Poor Gwynnie’s a stove slave? What the hell is Chris playing at, giving her grief over her music opps? Time to go on strike in the kitchen, G.

by Justine Harkness
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Justine Harkness

Justine Harkness

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