Showbiz Roundup: Shhh, did you hear?

Royal Recessionistas

Kate Middleton and Prince William will be one of the few newlyweds without a toaster to cross the threshold. In their quest to prove how completely down to earth they are and empathetic to the skint-riddled recession hell of the British public, the couple are turning their purple-clad backs on a wedding list and asked guests to donate to charity instead. Dayum – I’d already gone out and bought them iTunes vouchers and a moonpig card! Boy are they going to be gutted when they read this. You could hardly blame them though, when you think of the lavish gifts bestowed on previous Royal couple on their wedding days. The Queen and Prince Philip received over 2,500 pressies, including one of the Aga Khan’s racehorses, books from Winston Churchill and necklace made of gold and jade from King Farouk of Egypt. Prince Charles and Di scored even better – among their 6,000 gifts was a £1million gem-laden gold miniature Arab boat from the Emir of Bahrain, a piece of lace made from yarn spun by Ghandi and a sapphire pendant for Di from the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. No doubt William’s 23 charities of which he’s a patron are over the moon. Meanwhile plans are hotting up for Kate’s hen’s party. After the queen-to-be celebrated her 29th birthday at the ‘86’ bar on Fulham Road last week, the new club has become a forerunner for the bachelorette bash. ‘She knows the owner and the staff are discreet,’ a mole tells the Daily Mail. Not to be outdone is her fiancé, who is having his fave club Mahiki send over crates of Rum to be used in cocktails for the Polynesian theme. We’re brushing out our straw skirts, Wills!

Madge’s £40K Party Coup

While my hard-core clubbing days might be over, one thing I won’t miss is having to queue for several hours (well, if I’m being honest, I rarely did this – I always made sure I was on the guestlist – showbiz belle’s do NOT queue) and fork out £20-plus just to enter the salubrious doorways of a London nightclub, never forgetting the empty purse on the way out. But spare a green-eyed thought for Madonna’s camp, which is in the midst of a row over receiving cash sums from clubs for her appearance. Of course the Material Girl, 52, ‘had no idea this was going on’, but her favourite London club Aura reportedly bestowed upon one of her ‘people’ £10,000 for each of the four times she has partied at the club since May. A not uncommon thing in the showbiz world, of course, with Puff Daddy once receiving £30K to visit three London clubs in one night – Runway, Amika and Jet Black. Why, I recall attending a magazine bash at which a burly-looking guard with a suitcase full of £5000 cash stood around waiting for Lindsay Lohan’s arrival! Well, it was a few years ago – I’d doubt very much she’d drum up such a sum these days. FYI, she didn’t turn up. Like I said, quite a few years ago.

Just Don’t Mess With Owen’s Baby Mama

It was universal surprise and big cheers all round when Owen Wilson welcomed a baby son into his world last week. While no one even knew the Little Fockers actor’s girlfriend Jade Duell was pregnant until last Monday, the surprise tot was born in their Maui home in Hawaii via water birth after 18 hours of labour. Ouch! But if anyone can handle it, it’s Owen’s up-until-now-unknown lady Jade, who happens to be an armed federal air marshall who met the movie star a year ago, according to The Sun. The couple have decided to name him Ford Lynton, but we’re still baffled as to how he kept schtum on his pater-to-be status. In December, however, he did hint he was pretty loved-up with his impressive girlfriend, hinting to US Weekly that he’d found The One: ‘When you stop talking about yourself and you’re more open to listening to what they’re interested in and what they want to talk, that’s how you know. Maybe you’re more open to even renting a movie like Steel Magnolias. Before you know it, you’re getting late fees for Sleepless in Seattle and you’re giving up the remote control! Although by that definition, not many men have been in love.’ No indeed.

Kate’s Pregnancy Musings

Not to be outdone is Owen’s ex-girlfriend Kate Hudson. The pair split in 2007 and a month later, Owen attempted suicide. But all that’s in the past and it’s happen endings all round with the revelation Kate is expecting her second child. While we hear that behind the scenes mum Goldie Hawn is not happy about Kate’s choice of beau – Brit rocker Matt Bellamy of Muse fame. ‘They’ve only been together six months,’ says an insider. ‘She took her time coming round to Kate’s ex Chris Robinson, but Matt seems to have come out of nowhere.’ Reports claim the pregnancy was an accident, but friends say they were both overjoyed and Kate was keen on a sibling for her seven-year-old son Ryder, from her six-year marriage to The Black Crowes frontman Chris. ‘Kate and Matt are very much in love,’ says a pal. ‘They first met at Coachella festival last year and friendship turned to romance fairly quickly.’ Kate’s said to be 14 weeks pregnant and is happily showing off a small bump to her friends and family. ‘You realise after you have had children that you’ll never love anything more than your child,’ she said in 2007. Ahhhhh.

Get Your Claws Out… She’s Back!

While Simon Cowell refuses to put our racing minds to rest over his US X Factor panel (so far we’ve heard Cheryl, Justin Bieber, Will Smith, George Michael, Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger, Katy Perry and, hell why not? Sinitta), the media’s focus has again turned to the seemingly inevitable departure of at least one judge from the UK show (Simon won’t be able to do both) – and who will replace them. Louis Walsh has stepped into foray (as he seems to do with irascible regularity these days) this weekend by announcing to the News Of The World: ‘It will be me and Dannii with two other people.’ Well that’s stating the bleeding obvious, but one hot – and quite credible – suggestion is Sharon Osbourne, who is reportedly thinking of bringing her claws back on the show, and we would love to know if Dannii has anything to say about it. As 2010’s most popular and stylish judge – and that was before her protégé Matt Cardle won – we can’t see her not stamping her foot about on this one. ‘I don’t think they’ll ever get over the past hurts,’ says a show insider. ‘It’s been a very public and very vicious war. Even Kelly waded in on it after Dannii’s recent autobiography, in which she told her side of the backstage battle with Sharon.’ Still, it would be a helluva lot more fun to watch than the Simon/Cheryl love-in – remember how heavy your eyelids got during that? Yawn.

by Justine Harkness
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Justine Harkness

Justine Harkness

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