Raciest Ad Campaigns – Celeb Style!

sexiest Celeb adsYou know that it’s going to be a good day when you see Becks in his underwear. No, we’re not just guessing what it would be like to be inside Victoria Beckham’s thoughts, we’re simply rounding off what we thought of Friday’s racy unveiling.

H&M have teased us with some saucy, outdoor shots ahead of the latest David Beckham Bodywear Collection campaign. Our eyes are given the ultimate treat with images of Becks’ tattooed arms, tanned six-pack and muscular legs, all nicely wrapped in various boxer shorts and around some industrial piping. Need we say more? Bodywear Collection will be available from 30th January and the full advert will be aired during the American Superbowl on the 2nd February. In the meantime you can check out this teaser…

We’ve decided to take a look at the top five raciest celebrity campaigns that have made us stare at those billboards and our screens with more than just a twinkle in our eyes!

In Fifth Place – Madonna Truth Or Dare Campaign

In 2012 Madge launched her own fragrance, Truth Or Dare, and wanted to find the best way to promote it. Whilst Madonna kept it classy in the Marilyn Monroe inspired shoot, we were all still a bit taken a back with the low-cut corset and fishnet stockings, not to mention the excessive cleavage shots. It bothered ABC, one of the most viewed channels on US television, so much that they refused to show the advert until it had been digitally altered, and even then they wouldn’t let it air until 9pm!

In Fourth Place – Eddie Cibrian Charisma Home Wear

It seems 2012 was definitely a year for the sexy shoots and ex Playboy Club star Eddie Cibrian jumped on the bandwagon when fronting the campaign for Charisma home wear. The then 38-year-old husband to LeAnn Rimes stripped down to be the face of the Spring 2012 campaign for the luxurious looking home wear products. We’re unsure as to whether we prefer look of the towels or the bedding. Considering they both have this beautiful naked man under them both, it’s not really fair to make us choose!

In Third Place – Lady Gaga Fame Campaign

No outfit for 27 year old Lady Gaga is ever going to shock us, so seeing her appear nude and covered in lots of little men was probably worth two points for its shock value but deserved a ten on the saucepot scale! Ahead of the release of her first perfume, Fame. the black and white ad features a naked Gaga wearing nothing but a blindfold and is lying on her side, with her modesty being covered up solely by lots of well placed little men, attempting to climb up her body like the challenging mountain that it is. 

In Second Place – Beyonce Heat Campaign

She pushes the boundaries with her daring outfits, provocative lyrics and suggestive dance moves but in November 2010 the launch of her first fragrance Heat took things to a new level. The advert was banned in November 2010 after it showed Beyonce in a barely there red robe dress, seductively whispering the song lyrics You Give Me Fever. The ad starts off with her arching her back out of a free-standing bath and then shows a ridiculously glowing Beyonce in her red silk robe that barely covers, well anything. The British Advertising Agency didn’t ban the ad altogether but also didn’t let viewers witness the flaming hot scenes before 7.30pm.

In First Place – Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss

So, picture this. A world-class supermodel, prowling on a Hollywood A Lister…. In the NINETIES! This left jaws dropped – the naughties brought a new sense of sexuality to our screens that we the nineties was lacking, so to see a topless Kate Moss strutting her stuff around Mark Wahlberg who was sporting wearing nothing but a pair of infamous white CK boxer shorts, that left very little to the imagination. The ad shows the pair getting up close and personal whilst Moss circles Wahlberg like he’s her prey but does she go in for the kill?!

Sophia Mead

Sophia Mead

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