Patsy’s Summer Beauty Secrets

Actress and mother Patsy Kensit rose to fame as a child actress and made her mark as pop singer before returning to the small screen. She is now probably best known for playing ward sister Faye Morton in Holby and also for her turn on the dance floor on BBC1’s Strictly Come Dancing. Looking dewily beautiful at 43, she spoke to Belle About Town about the importance of sunscreen and what she does to stay healthy and looking good.

What is your summer beauty regime?
When the sun comes out I put sunblock on, I do that religiously now. It is not just about protecting against accelerating aging but I am terrified about skin cancer now. I am a low maintenance woman being a full-time mum and always on the run.

What products do you always ensure are in your handbag?
I use Lesley Khan skincare products and I have to say that I love Nivea, I am a real Nivea girl. My mum used it and they have a great product with Q10 in it which is great for firming. I also make sure that I have regular facials with Lesley.

Has your regime changed since you got older?
It is now about quickness for me. It needs to be straightforward as well. I am loving being in my 40s. Aging happens to all of us you just need to enjoy where you are in your life. I am very happy and content right now.

Now that Strictly is over, how do you keep up your fitness?
I haven’t kept up the dance unfortunately as it is hard to find the time so I go to the gym instead. I go to gym straight after dropping Lennon to school. I do an hour and a half then I get on with my day which is always very busy, then I go back and pick my son up from school.

How do you keep your sons, James, 18, and Lennon, 11, healthy?
I try and watch that they are eating, lots of fruit and vegetables and drinking lots of water. James is into savoury food and Lennon likes his sweets but they both eat their vegetables. I make sure I cover them with factor 50 though what kid wants their mum chasing them with sunblock…

What is your secret skill?
I love cooking and cook a great Sunday roast and I love making fairy cakes.

Professionally is there anything you haven’t done that you would like to do?
Not really. Fundamentally I am an actress, that’s what I have done since I was a child but I am open to what’s out there. I’d like to do more comedy but I don’t really have any ambitions outside of British TV and that’s where I want to be. I will be working again very soon!

Patsy Kensit is supporting the Boots Optician’s campaign to make parents aware of the importance of protecting their children’s eyes from the sun.  For more information on UV protection, or to view Patsy’s personal message to parents, visit

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