Celebrity Style Envy

Celebrity Style EnvyA new piece of research aimed at discovering the celebrity styles that British women most envy and attempt to recreate whilst shopping has revealed that Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Middleton and Beyoncé have the most desired wardrobes. On average, women confessed that they would spend an extra £38 on a fashion purchase in order to emulate a particular celebrity’s style or look.

The study, conducted by www.vouchercloud.com, polled 2,204 women aged 18 to 30 from around the UK, as part of ongoing research into the spending habits of Britons; particularly in relation to fashion as it is one of the most popular discount categories. Those taking part were initially asked to state how much money they would typically spend on clothes and fashion accessories per month, with the average amount stated being £72.

Next, women were asked to list the most common places they were likely to take style inspiration from before purchasing clothes and accessories.  Celebrity news websites (63%), fashion/celebrity magazines (53%) and television shows (31%) surfaced as the most popular mediums for those polled to take their fashion inspiration from.

Leading on from this, women were asked to reveal up to three celebrities whose fashion sense they admired and would most like to have the wardrobe of if given the chance. The top ten names emerged as follows:

1.       Jennifer Lawrence (38%)
2.       Kate Middleton (34%)
3.       Beyonce (28%)
4.       Rita Ora (26%)
5.       Lily Allen (21%)
6.       Kate Moss (20%)
7.       Holly Willoughby (17%)
8.       Kim Kardashian (14%)
9.       Rihanna (14%)
10.     Fearne Cotton (13%)

When asked if they had ever made a particularly expensive purchase for themselves as a direct result of seeing a celebrity wearing something identical or very similar, 68% of the women admitted that they had done so. When these women were then asked to disclose how much extra they would be willing to spend on clothing or an accessory purchase where the item had been seen being worn by a celebrity, the average amount totalled £38.

Almost one fifth (19%) of respondents stated that instead of spending more money, they would attempt to recreate a celebrity look by visiting cheaper stores or charity shops in an attempt to stay fashionable, but remain frugal.

Matthew Wood of vouchercloud.com said, about the findings of the study: “With their millions in the bank and clothes designers no doubt lining up outside their doors to gift them with free clothes, it is no wonder that celebrities constantly look so on trend.  This is also the reason why they are rarely photographed wearing the same outfit more than once, whereas for the rest of us on a budget, it takes a little more effort and creativity to stay stylish.”

He continued: “For those Britons who are forever attempting to keep up with the latest celebrity fashion trends, it would make sense to try and find as many bargains in second hand stores and vintage markets as possible. Chances are, by the time you’ve saved up the money to buy that brand new designer dress, it will be SO last month!”

Miss B

Miss B

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