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Glow Like An Egyptian

October 8, 2012

The nearest I’ve been to having a Moroccan Hammam was a trip to a Turkish Bath while on holiday as a teenager. I shiver at the memory of having freezing cold water doused all over me by a Turkish [read more]

Time Travel Your Way To Calm

September 24, 2012

As I glided through the cool water and looked up to a ray of sunlight escaping through the narrow gothic windows above, it was hard to imagine that a frantic railway station was just a stone’s [read more]

A Belle’s Guide To Vegas

August 14, 2012

As the plane banked round and the altitude dropped, I saw it appear from the darkness of the Nevada desert. The bright lights of Las Vegas were welcoming me, but little did I know what they had in [read more]

Paradise Found In St Lucia

July 13, 2012

‘Mud, mud, volcanic mud. Nothing quite like it for boiling the blood’ Or, to more faithfully quote the Flanders and Swann Hippopotamus Song, ‘So follow me follow, down to the hollow. And [read more]

Call This A Hotel?

July 4, 2012

If you’re bored with the usual twin-beds-plus ensuite on holiday, here’s your chance to try something a bit different when it comes to a room with a view… 727 Fuselage, Hotel Costa Verde, [read more]

Kerala – The Heart Of Ayurveda

April 27, 2012

Stepping from the airport into the already dense morning heat of Cochin, the capital of Kerala, my better half, Tony, and I were greeted by Jithin, our smiley representative from the Kerala Travel [read more]

Have A Five Star Girl’s Night In

April 20, 2012

While a girl’s night out is fun, a girl’s night in is so right now.  And let’s be honest, while a night of kicking back the slippers and sinking into the sofa can be right on the cards, [read more]

Be Swept Away By Magical Kefalonia

April 10, 2012

The Greek islands have enchanted people for many years with their sparkling blue green water, dramatic coastlines and sunny climes. Kefalonia was the first Greek Island I ever went to, many years [read more]
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