Five Minutes With… A Fairtrade Family

March 30, 2017

Birgitte Hovmand and husband Richard O’Connor founded Chocolate and Love in 2010, with an aim to supply premium chocolate to the UK market using Fairtrade ethics. Now, seven years later, their [read more]

6 Ways To Make Money From Your Home

March 3, 2017

If London Fashion Week has left you yearning for a new wardrobe but without the finances to fund it, never fear. We’ve collated six top tips to help you make money from your home. You [read more]

Five Minutes With… Singer Georgie

November 3, 2016

At the age of just 21, singer/songwriter Georgie Rose has been snapped up by Columbia Records, joining the likes of Beyonce and Bob Dylan, and looks set to take the charts by storm. Her debut single [read more]

Stand Up For Your Work… And Health

October 10, 2016

Working from home has its pros and cons. You’ve got the benefit of freedom and a degree of independence, but it is often lonely, and if, like me, your ‘office’ tends involve sitting [read more]

Commuting Hacks To Keep You Ahead

October 4, 2016

With the average London worker spending around 400 days of their life travelling to and from work, the daily commute can take its toll.  We’ve joined forces with Rachel’s Organic to offer [read more]

A Day In The Life Of A Car Sales… Woman!

September 12, 2016

When you think of a car sales person you will inevitably be picturing a Del Boy type man, pushing you into decisions and baffling you with technical lingo. But the wheels are turning in the world of [read more]
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