Natural Ways To Fight The Ageing Process

November 30, 2017

Nothing compares with the sheer horror of catching sight of that first under-eye wrinkle, or the moment you realise your skin just isn’t as plump as it used to be. The ageing process is a journey [read more]

Beauty Trend: Shimmer & Glitter Makeup

October 30, 2017

As the party season is almost upon us, many of us are naturally thinking about the season’s big make-up trends. A big beauty craze that seems to be on the rise is shimmer and glitter [read more]

5 Hair-raising Facts About Hair Removal

October 2, 2017

Body hair! Like it or loathe it, it’s unavoidable. As women we’re led to believe we need to be fuzz free to be found attractive, but while I reject the pressure to conform to restrictive [read more]

Post-Summer Skin: Keep That Glow

September 14, 2017

Summer can take its toll on our skin and hair, with our tans slowly fading and our skin feeling dry from air conditioning, chlorine and too much sun. So Belle About Town has tried and tested a [read more]

Banish The Winter Blues

February 7, 2017

If you are fed up of the blistering cold weather, detox diets and the general doom and gloom –  then help is at hand. The beauty world is filled with tips and tricks to help revive your [read more]

Can You Really Look Younger In An Hour?

January 31, 2017

It’s a fact true of almost every woman I know – they spent their first 20 years trying to look older, and have spent the subsequent years of their adult lives attempting to turn back the [read more]

Map Your Skin

October 20, 2016

When I was offered the opportunity to have my ‘skin mapped’ at a luxury retreat, I didn’t really know what to expect. I’ve always tried to look after my skin, and like most [read more]

A Third Of Mums Suffer Pool Panic

August 17, 2016

One in three mums suffer ‘pool panic’ at the thought of donning a bikini and getting into the water with their kids, it emerged yesterday. A detailed study found a large percentage of [read more]
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