Top 5 Interior Trends for 2013

Interior TrendsIt is not just fashion that is dictated by trends but also how we live is tightly bound to movies, catwalks and celebrities.

Here Angela Leland, the owner of New York-based boutique design firm Angela Leland Interiors and author of The Decadence Project blog, reveals the top trends for your home.

Now that we’re crawling out of our Snuggie-wrapped winter hibernations, it’s time to throw open the windows, let in some sunshine, and give our homes a little Springtime spruce-up! This year’s hottest interior design trends are all about having fun and being unique, so go wild and embrace a few new ideas. Paint your walls eggplant? Sure! Indulge in your glamorous side? Why not! Here are a few of my favourite ideas for igniting inspiration and spicing up your space.

1. Gatsby-Inspired details

Why we love it
F. Scott Fitzgerald fans have been breathlessly awaiting the release of the new Great Gatsby movie in May 2013, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Toby Maguire. With every scene dripping in 1920’s opulence, it’s no wonder Art Deco-inspired fashion and décor is all the rage for adding a touch of Gatsby Glamour.

How to do it
Glamorously – Jazz up your space with Art Deco touches such as metallic details against dark contrasts (like black or mahogany) or geometric prints (like chevrons, trapezoids or rectangles). Feeling extra sexy? Add a white fur throw!


2. Layered Mirrors

Why we love it
Using mirrors always opens up a space and gives it a touch of elegance – so why not layer them! More is more, right?

How to do it
Carefully – make sure your mirrors are properly mounted or balanced to avoid disaster.

Layered Mirrors

3. Grandma-Chic

Why we love it
Antique elements, like lace and rose floral patterns, are making a huge comeback, bringing with it a sense of romanticism and history. The intricate patterns also add a sense of texture and visual interest to a room, sure to get a few “wow’s” at your next dinner party.

How to do it
Thoughtfully – avoid that flea market feeling by pairing “grandma chic” pieces with contemporary elements. Feeling fearless? Try a statement piece, such as a wall covering.

Grandma Chic

4. Emerald and Eggplant

Why we love it
Emerald was declared the Pantone Colour of 2013, so it’s popping up everywhere from the runways to the chicest hotels! Although bold on its own, pairing emerald green with a rich colour like eggplant gives your colour palette extra drama (plus, it’s rather fun to say).

How to do it
Playfully – these two colours mingle perfectly together, so go bold with paint and upholstery or achieve the look with a simple accent.

Emerald Eggplant

5. Geodes as Decor

Why we love it
Geodes are a spectacular natural wonder, swirling with hypnotically beautiful kaleidoscopes of colour within the confines of a rock. When used as a conversation piece, they bring an element of surprise and wonder to a space.

How to do it
Naturally – there is no wrong way to display a geode, so place it anywhere you need a little extra sparkle.


by Angela Leland ofThe Decadence Project.

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Angela Leland

Angela is the owner of Angela Leland Interiors, a sassy boutique interior design firm based in New York City. She is also writer/editor for the blog The Decadence Project, dedicated to exploring sexy spaces and exotic places with an emphasis on design and travel. When she’s not plotting her path to greatness, Angela can be spotted around Manhattan sipping gin cocktails and singing bad karaoke.

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