Say Goodbye to Persistent Unwanted Phone Calls

Whether it is unwanted attention from a guy who just can’t take the hint or the sales department of a company who are trying to sell you something we’ve all had those persistent calls that drive us all crazy. No matter how many times you tell them you are just not interested they just keep calling. Well now there is a clever way to get them to give up  – by thinking the phone number is no longer in use.  RingTagz, the mobile ringtone app company, has now brought in an app that allows you set the ringtone people calling you hear to a ‘no longer in service’ tone for specific callers. Called Dead Tone, it is a quick and efficient way to let those callers know there is no point trying to call any more.

‘We think the Dead Tone feature is going to be huge,’ says Danielle Morgan, Head of Central Marketing at RingTagz. ‘We’ve all been there – a psycho ex partner, that debt collector you’ve been avoiding for months, the fling that really wasn’t a good idea, all calling you at inappropriate times and causing way more stress than necessary. With the introduction of the Dead Tone, mobile users will no longer have to go through the hassle of cancelling their number, they can just make them think it’s out of service!’

An early adopter of the newly launched Dead Tone is 22-year-old Jade Foster, who has used the service to stop her ex-boyfriend, 25-year-old Richard Danney from harassing her with constant phone calls.

‘Rich and I had been broken up for 6 months and I had a new boyfriend who I adored, but my ex just wouldn’t get the picture!’ Jade said. ‘He would call me constantly, especially after he’d been out for a few drinks. Putting my phone on silent or just pressing cancel was my only option, but it meant I was missing important calls from my mum or work.’

‘So when I heard about the Dead Tone I literally jumped at the chance. Since I’ve uploaded the Dead Tone, Richard has only called me once,’ Jade revealed. ‘As soon as he heard the Dead Tone, I guess he thought my phone was out of service and gave up! He has bombarded me with Facebook messages, but they are much easier to ignore! It’s definitely a service I’d use for other unwanted calls such as my local gym, I literally made one enquiry and get a sales call every week now!’

We have a few people we need to set this up for – and if you’re reading this here and are now getting the Dead Tone on my phone, sorry but you just didn’t get the message any other way!

The new feature allows any T-Mobile, Virgin or Orange customer to upload the tag, costing just £1.50 per month subscription and can be accessed by testing ‘DEADTONE’ to 88188. Visit their website for further information.

Miss B

Miss B

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