Rock Your Frocks Off This New Year’s Eve

girls-dress-beautiful-on-new-years-eve-partyHunting for that perfect New Year’s Eve frock? Join the club.  New Year’s eve IS the biggest night of the year and ‘the frock’ matters. You’ll want a dress to impress and start your new year off in style!! So what  hot trends are in for the New Years eve? We are seeing sheer material, lace, sequins, peplum silhouettes, waterfall styles and the peek-a-boo dress with cut out seams. Not forgetting of course, the traditional LBD.

Cut away.jpgThe peek-a-boo dress is adventurous. It lets you reveal your flat abs and toned thigh thanks to the strategically placed windows.  It’s a sexy little number offering a glimpse of flesh whilst keeping you fully clothed, less is more I always say! You need to be a little daring to wear but if you want the wow factor for a nightclub or dressy party this is a dress that will definitely impress, The Peek a boo dress was big in the 80’s so you might want to search the vintage stores for something a little more unusual.

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SheerIf a sheer dress is your thing and you want to be bold try to wear opaque underwear or if you really want the ‘look at me‘ dress then neon underwear will give you a cool good nightclub look.  Layer a sheer dress over a matching camisole or slip or wear a short body hugging dress if the dress is long. Rock it up with a Black leather jacket, bangles and sparkly shoes.

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The Peplum dress has taken the high street by storm, seen virtually in every store. But how to wear it?  The peplum is fun and jolly, it celebrates a waist to hip curve, so it is the perfect dress for you lovely curvy girls. We’ve seen The Duchess of York, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian all sport the peplum.

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LBDNot forgetting the ever faithful LBD. The one that you can pull out of the wardrobe and feel fabulous. What I love about the LBD is that you can bring it on trend just by adding accessories; add a dash of colour with your footwear, depending on the look you want to achieve.  All black is a sophisticated look but its not for everyone.  Soften it with your accessories, pearls, a neck scarf or the obligatory bling.

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Jumpsuit.jpgLast but by no means least, the wild card. The Jumpsuit. This is a versatile little number for your wardrobe and if styled up with a chunky necklace and racy shoes you will turn heads. Sexy and comfortable (what more does a party girl want!) so you can party the night away with ease and still look good at 3am!! Style up baby!!,,

 [main picture: Merle Dress]
Dee Dashwood

Dee Dashwood

To quote David Bowie: “fashion turn to the left, fashion turn to the right …. Oooh fashion.” Fascinated with shoes even before she entered kindergarten, Dee is a style goddess and consummate shoe queen. Fashion and style is in her blood, she was born with the ability to make a paper bag look fabulous. Vintage, high street and dash of Chanel are her calling cards. Dee has an uncanny knack of spotting a trend before it arrives in the high street but she is not a slave to fashion, having her own quirky chic look which is very distinctive.

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