Party Hair – Three Essential Looks

The party season is upon us, and you may have your glittering wardrobe prepared, but what are the on trend hairstyles of the season?

Stylists to the stars Nicky Clarke and Warren Holmes have put together three key sophisticated yet easy-to-learn looks to take you from the desk to the dance floor…

Look 1.
The High Ponytail

A glossy high ponytail as seen on Louis Vuitton runway. The ponytail is curled using Nicky Clarke Professional Flexi Stylers for movement and a 50s aesthetic.


-Mist Nicky Clarke Hair Raising Spray into the hair for hold and texture

-Brush through and secure in a high ponytail using a solid band or bungee cord

-Divide the hair into 4 sections and wrap each section around a Nicky Clarke Flexi Styler

-Allow the Flexi Stylers to cool down and brush out each section gently. Finish with Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray.

Look 2. The Low Chignon

The hair is pinned in a low knot at the nape of the neck. Add more glam with pearls or jewels, as seen on the Chanel runway.


-Dampen your hair and lightly massage Nicky Clarke Tease Me into the roots

-Gently dry the hair using the Nicky Clarke DesiRED Dryer.

-Take a central parting from hairline to three inches then brush back for a Bardot feeling by gently teasing the roots with a comb

– Pull the hair into three sections at the nape of the neck and gently backcomb each section

– Work the three sections into an inverted large plait to create a beautiful seam

– Roll the hair back on itself to create a knot and pin it into the hair

– Finish with Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray and pin your chosen hair

accessory into the centre.

Look 3. The Half-Up Half-Down Wave

A versatile look that can be created in moments using Nicky Clarke Classic compact heated rollers. Warren Holmes created this look for 90210’s Jessica Lowndes.


Spray Nicky Clarke Hair Raising onto dry hair, from the roots to the mid lengths

– Lightly cover the ends with a Nicky Clarke Instant Calmer to add shine and control. Using your fingers, pull the hair away from the head to encourage natural volume

– Create a parting three inches in depth using your fingers, from the hairline in the centre of the head

Section the hair off into four parts: the top which is a diamond section around the crown where you want the volume; the bottom of the diamond to behind both ears; the sides, grip each side away.

Begin at the back and take random large sections, no more than four at the back, and wind in each Nicky Clarke Heated Roller. Use one roller per side, making sure the curl goes away from the face, wind forward.

Allow the rollers to cool. Remove the rollers one by one, leaving the first section in and comb out using a large tooth comb, using your fingers to spate the tendrils.

– After removing the rollers from this top section, hold the hair and tease the roots to create volume. Push the hair back on itself and grip into place.

– Pull the tendrils out from around the face and use Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate hairspray to finish.

For these looks you’ll need: Nicky Clarke Professional Flexi Stylers (£19.99), Nicky Clarke DesiRED Professional AC Dryer (£34.99), Nicky Clarke Classic Compact Rollers (£19.99). All available at

Products used: Nicky Clarke Hair Raising Spray (£16), Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray (£10), Nicky Clarke Tease Me (£14.50) and Nicky Clarke Instant Calmer (£12).

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by Lucy McGuire
Lucy McGuire

Lucy McGuire

Lucy is a former aspiring Psychologist turned journalist who loves spas, coffee, cocktails and culture. While her 9-5 job involves interviewing women on their fascinating real life stories, her evenings and weekends are spent sipping cosmos in Soho, blogging about her travels, and putting the world to right over coffee in Covent Garden.

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