It’s Not All About London! The UK’s Cities Of Fashion


UK Fashion: University of Salford Fashion students degree show at Manchester Town Hall

The office is buzzing and seats are being booked at the hottest shows of 2017’s London Fashion Week, which starts next Friday (September 15th). London is always right at the top of any list of fashion capitals in the world, whether your passion is design, stylists or simply shopping until you drop. Our fair city tops international lists for good reason, but that’s not to say the rest of the country should be ignored by the fashion savvy amongst us. There are cities that offer more reasonable living costs, lots of up and coming designers, and some really exciting creative changes that are beginning to creep forward as very interesting fashion spots.

Here is Belle About Town’s pick of the three most fashion-focused cities outside London in the UK today…



Manchester as a city is very different from London overall, but it is still well known for fashion. The city’s Fashion Week, held in May, was one of the highlights of this year’s UK fashion calendar. Manchester is a city where you can enjoy a seemingly inexhaustable amount of shops, from high end to vintage), and immerse yourself in an environment where people take pride in getting dressed up and showing off their personalities through fashion. There are some really exciting designers coming out of the city, who are certainly worth keeping an eye on. The city itself is also well known for the local pride and passion from its citizens making it an overall enjoyable city to be in. Manchester style as a whole is more casual than London, and considered by many as the UK’s ‘second city’ which means you can get an outrageous amount of shopping done there- without the capital’s price tags. A great epicentre for UK fashion!



Cardiff, the Welsh capital, does not get nearly the credit it deserves as the fashionable city that it is. Voted as the best city for young people a few years ago, the city has a really cool, hip and interesting vibe which is reflected in the fashion you can see (and buy) around there. It is also by the sea and has extremely friendly inhabitants. Its Fashion Week runs from October 28th to November 4th and sees local designers showcase increasingly innovative and influential shows. It is a much more laid back city than London, with fashion that follows suit but people still keen on expressing their unique styles. You will still find all the designer pieces and shops here, but boutique shopping is more so the way to go in Cardiff. With more of a small town feel but in a growing and liveable city, it proves to be a very sought after place to live in and perhaps an ideal location for those hoping to set up their own brand in a more affordable city.


UK Fashion Cities: Glasgow Gothic Clouds Glasgow Church The Cathedral TourismGlasgow

Glasgow is a city that gives off creative vibes and has one the largest shopping hubs in the UK, and its Fashion Week (which runs from September 16th-19th this year) is fast becoming one of the most popular in UK fashion. For those looking to move to a fashionable city, it also has a fair average for rental costs and monthly disposable income. In fact, it has been voted in the top three cities for new graduates, meaning those looking to begin a career in a big city, but not keen on moving to London, are increasingly opting to keep an eye on listings for jobs in Glasgow where they see themselves having more opportunities to stand out.


For any and all fashion lovers, there is one huge event that speaks the truth: Fashion Week. Visit England‘s chief executive, James Berresford, said: “It is fantastic to see the rise of fashion week events in cities across England. There is always a hive of activity that surrounds these events – now being held in cities including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bath and Norwich. Their status as host cities reflects their wonderfully contemporary and high-quality visitor offer.” Not only are fashion week events taking place in parts around the UK, fashion lovers outside of London are able to partake in something they love where they live or can visit, in cities where locals are keen on it, as well.

Overall, London is a truly amazing location for those keen on fashion, but other UK cities deserve more attention than perhaps they receive, as they are incredible, creative and exciting places to be, work and to shop!

Emily Cleary

Emily Cleary

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