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The Autumn Winter 2017 Fashion Week marathon is not over yet, but before we bring you the AW17 Big Beauty Trends Round-Up of all the runway shows from New York, London, Milan and Paris, let’s recap the best bits from the catwalk at LFW Fashion Scout, within the amazing art deco interiors of London’s Freemasons’ Hall.

Mark Fast

“From the deepest caves, up from the graves, bringing her soul into the light. The heartbeat of the dragon she did fight. Fire, coal, disintegration. A moment of love is her resurrection.”

The man who knitted the hell out of sexy is back this season, revealing one of his strongest and most personal collections yet. Mark’s love lies in creating pieces that make women rise up.


Pam Hogg

Pam Hogg is a legendary fashion designer, rockstar and artist. Her unique vision continues to stand her out from her contemporaries.

Mimi Tran

“The Mimi Tran woman is fearless, strong and radiant – a woman to be respected, someone to impress, someone who strides with passion – her excellence pouring over any who behold her.”

Mimi is most known for creating cocktail dresses that sculpt the body and accentuate feminine curves, as well as embracing the red carpet-ready glamour of evening gowns. Mimi has dressed celebrities such as Little Mix, Anastasia and Fifth Harmony.

Rocky Star

Rocky as a designer has renewed the way fashion is operated in India, has designed for over 300 films and styled for the celebrities like Beyoncé, Paris Hilton or Michelle Keegan.

Hallie Sara

Hallie Sara, New York City based luxury label debuts at London Fashion Week with AW17 collection, a wearable approach to contemporary luxury design. The collection, handcrafted from the finest materials, upholds couture traditions, in a range of bold, earth and jewel tones.

Malan Breton

After showcasing his New York AW17 collection, Malan Breton brings the second part of his AW17 collection to London. Both inspired by Charlie Chaplin movies, his London collection ‘Fantome’ is inspired by the film ‘City Lights’. The collection, reminiscent of Chinese watercolours and imperial prints, is rich in silk fabrics, brocades, cashmere, velvets and angora.


Zuzana Ritchie

Zuzana Ritchie

Embracing the multiple career personality disorder she developed after moving to London in her twenties, Zuzana Ritchie can be spotted around the city in the capacity of a make-up artist on Monday, a voice-over artist on Tuesday and a beauty writer on Wednesday.

For the rest of the week she will take up various other roles like an amateur sunset sky photographer, a red wine enthusiast, a dog’s best friend, a bookworm, a martial arts fan, a humour addict and not a very good guitar strummer.

Leaving her previous job at a publishing house to freelance instead has resulted in more free time to become a professional beauty products hunter by day and a female superheroes stories gatherer by night.

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  1. London Fashion Week is definitely one of the most inspiring events of the year for us in the fashion industry. The Mimi Tran pieces are stunning. Also, there can definitely be some vintage inspiration detected in the Hallie Sara designs, which is always wonderful to see. The puffed sleeves in particular have a distinct 1930s vibe. Great summary post of London Fashion Week – thanks for sharing.

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